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There's more to being a duchess than just looking fabulous every single day (even though Kate Middleton already has that part down).

Heck, it's practically a job requirement that she produce an heir for her hubby, Prince William. And since the duo just celebrated their first anniversary yesterday—along with those adorable pics of Will holding a baby—we have to wonder whether Kate's feeling the pressure to get pregnant.

But we hear there are bigger things weighing on her mind—like little sis, Pippa Middleton, who's been busy distracting tabloids with more than just her tush.

If you look at Princess Diana (whom Kate has long been compared to—remember that creepy Newsweek cover?!), she had a bun in the oven within her first year of being a royal. By that standard, Kate is already behind!

But a palace source tell us Kate's more worried about the family she's already got:

"Personally, I think the biggest pressure on Kate is the dumb behavior of her sister, Pippa, and, now, her brother, James," an insider informed us when we asked whether Kate was feeling the heat to reproduce.

Pippa, of course, recently made scandalous headlines courtesy of a toy gun and some pesky paparazzi. Though one of her pals involved in the incident has since cleared Pippa's name, it certainly made her seem much edgier than her sis.

And Kate's brother has swapped handguns for…horny pastries.

Our source continued, "Did you know that James has a company that produces cakes and sponges bearing 'naughty' icing slogans such as 'Jiggly Jugs' and 'Wriggly Willies'?"

Hardly behavior befitting in-laws to royals, eh? James has since moved many of the naughtier cakes from his website, after the Pippa gun-gate scandal.

Here's hoping these chaotic siblings don't damage Kate's spotless reputation! We're itching for a royal bun in the oven, and then we can move on to more important matters—like, how Kate will manage to make maternity wear royally chic.

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