Mad Men

Carin Baer

Don Draper's (Jon Hamm) newlywed life is not easy. Last week it was an orange sherbet crisis and this week it was in-laws coming to town. But is the Draper marriage stronger than ever? And what sort of proposal does Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) have to mull over?

Find out what happened on Mad Men now:


Shacking Up: The easiest way to disappoint a Catholic mother is to live in sin. Peggy is not naïve enough to think that her mother would be thrilled at the prospect of her playing house. But perhaps more interesting was Peggy trying to convince herself that she wasn't disappointed in a lack of a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. While she accepted the congratulations from a friendly Joan (Christina Hendricks) you could tell that Peggy wished in some ways she didn't have to be so trailblazing. 

Trouble With In-Laws: It's hard for any TV marriage to weather the in-law storm, but Megan's (Jessica Paré) parents staying at Chez Draper is like a category five hurricane. Dropping in and out of French, the cracks in the Calvet marriage expose some of the Draper newlyweds' own fissures.

Emile (Ronald Guttman) is a scholar and having an affair with a young grad student. And Marie (Julia Ormond) is shamelessly flirtatious and sometimes—when it comes to Roger (John Slattery)—more than flirtatious. And as Megan tells Don, they scream and yell and then make up, they've been doing this forever. Sound familiar?

Hard Lessons: Sally (Kiernan Shipka) had a lot of growing up to do in one hour. From lying about Mrs. Francis' unfortunate accident to walking in on Roger and Marie getting cozy, the jump from child to adult was fast. While this was not her first time exposed to the realities of adults and sex, she was quickly disenchanted by the working gala. Manhattan has certainly been dirtied for Sally Draper. 

Team Draper: Don and Megan run hot and scalding. Last week they were on the verge of collapse but this week they were back to the awesome husband-wife team at home and at work. Megan is very good at her job and flawless at being Don's arm candy. Where Betty (January Jones) would smile to hide a sulk at these work dinners, Megan effortlessly maneuvers Don and helps him turn their Heinz loss around. But maybe her Marxist father is right, although she is good at this job, she shouldn't have to give up what she really wanted to fit into her husband's life. 


"I was just going to scream in his stupid face." —Don

"I'm stag tonight and my doorman wears a clip-on." —Roger

"Men don't take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate." —Joan

"Because I'm not giving you a cake for celebrating living in sin." —Katherine

"I got you a Shirley Temple, it's time to start tapering off." —Roger

"Don, no matter what you do your little girl will spread her legs and fly away." —Emile

Were Megan's parents eye opening? Do you think Peggy is really happy to move in with Abe? Are Megan and Don like her parents? Hit the comments!

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