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With only a handful of celebtestants remaining on The Celebrity Apprentice, it's going to take more than telling Donald Trump that his hair looks sexy pushed back to stay in the game. Perhaps a love song will do the trick?

Aubrey O'Day thought Donald would like to jam to some pop tunes, and Lisa Lampanelli channeled her inner heavy metal rock goddess. Thanks to her muse, Dayana Mendoza, she rocked harder than ever.

Get ready to rage to your faces off because these celebrities put on quite a show tonight.

Tonight's task had the teams create and perform a 90-second jingle to promote Good Sam's Roadside Assistance Program. As a current six-time boardroom veteran, Dayana took charge as Team Forte's project manager. Arsenio Hall stepped forward for Team Unanimous.

The challenge started off a bit rocky for both teams, and we don't mean the soft rock kind. Aubrey and Arsenio exchanged many a death stare, but as usual Aubrey got her way with a Gwen Stefani "Hollaback Girl" cheerleader theme for the song.

Dayana felt upstaged by her teammates when they chose a '60s theme. As soon as Clay Aiken put his singing chops to work, Dayana put in her two cents—actually, more like 50 Cent, hounding him with "21 Questions." While Dayana reigns as Miss Universe, Clay is president of ClayNation, so shouldn't he get the final say when it comes to writing a song?

Dayana told Don Jr. that her teammates were not allowing her to contribute, explaining that Clay was doing the songwriting and Lisa was just being loud. Lisa hit a high note, throwing a tantrum in front of everyone and officially left the building.

Looks like Clay and Lisa finally found a chance to collaborate on a duet to profess their collective frustrations with Dayana.

Meanwhile, Aubrey dominated the spotlight, discounting her teammates in the process. When the credits roll, she likes to make sure her name is the only one people remember.

Despite Aubrey's overly racy cheerleader outfit, Team Unanimous stole the show with their catchy jingle. Arsenio won $45,000 plus the proceeds from the jingle for his charity, The Magic Johnson Foundation.

Back in the boardroom, Lisa and Clay got to perform their hate ballad about Dayana to Mr. Trump. It was clear that Dayana could no longer cling to the spotlight, and Donald reluctantly sent her packing.

Were you shocked to see Dayana finally get booted off stage? Sound off in the comments and make them rhyme in her honor!

(Originally published April 29, 2012 at 8:44 p.m. PT)

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