Sarah Silverman, The Bachelor

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

It's probably safe to say that reality shows do not comprise the majority of Sarah Silverman's viewing schedule. But there seems to be no show that sticks in the comic's craw more than The Bachelor.

While being interviewed on the premiere episode of Amanda de Cadenet's The Conversation last night, Silverman slammed the women who choose to compete on the love-seeking reality show, calling the enterprise "offensive" and degrading.

And that was just her warming up.

"I'll tell you what's offensive about these shows...that are on ABC during prime time," she said. "Twenty-five women in JCPenney prom dresses, fully grown, going, 'He took us to a castle!' No he didn't. Producers procured a castle.

"And there's 25 of you—that's how special you aren't," she added.

She continued on, saying that the real problem with the show was not that adults watch it—Silverman has indeed seen it but argued that she "can handle it"—but that young, impressionable girls think what they're watching is anything near worth emulating.

"I think, 'Wow, some young girl is watching this, and there should be a warning saying this is not acceptable behavior.' The biggest thing that a woman should realize is that there is not just one slot for a woman in any given thing.

"I think that's something that society, men and women both, have enforced. It's in the ether that one woman's success can only come at another woman's failure."

In this case, another woman's failure to score a rose. And we know how well that always works out for them.

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