Neil Patrick Harris

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While The Dark Knight Rises may be Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie, here's hoping another film following the crime-fighting superhero gets made some time in the future.

Why? Neil Patrick Harris wants to get in on the Batman action, too.

So you better watch out, Christian Bale!

In case you didn't know, Harris is playing Batman villain Two-Face in the Cartoon Network's upcoming superhero special of Robot Chicken.

"This is my gateway to doing a Christopher Nolan movie," the How I Met Your Mother star told us at last night's Hooray for Hollygrove event presented by Juicy Couture at the Hollywood Museum. "I'm assuming he will see this and figure I've got to be perfect for one of these kinds of roles."

Who would he play? "The Joker," he laughed, or maybe "the Riddler."

Joking aside, Harris says he's a superhero fan at heart. "Who's not?" he said. "I can't wait to see The Avengers. You gotta support Joss Whedon in anything he does."

Harris also dished (literally) about his new obsession, his food porn Twitter account.

"I, for some weird reason, enjoy taking extreme close-up pictures of food I'm eating," he said. "[Partner and E! correspondent David Burtka and my] favorite types of meals are ones where the chef just brings out food, and usually that's 10, 11 things that they bring out and I'm taking pictures of every single one of them."

"You'd think if people knew I had food porn they'd invite me to their restaurant gratis," Harris laughed. "Think of the pictures I would take."

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