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Can it be Queen Week every week on American Idol, pretty please?!

OK, not really, but we have to say we were impressed by how well the top six handled the difficult task of tackling the iconic band's greatest tunes. Then again, they've all been so great throughout the entire competition that we feel bad for ever doubting them!

Still, someone has to go home tonight, so who do we think is in danger of getting booted? And who really impressed us?

Our Top Five Performances

5. Skylar Laine's "Tattoos on This Town"

Just call her Katniss Everdeen because Skylar is the girl on fire! OK, totally lame Hunger Games reference aside, Skylar's cover of the Jason Aldean hit was pure country fun and we couldn't get enough.

4. Joshua Ledet's "Ready for Love"

We've seriously lost count of how many standing ovations the judges have given Joshua at this point, but even we were standing at home by the end of this performance. Chills!

3. Hollie Cavanagh's "The Climb"

Maybe we just have an obsession with the Miley Cyrus tune that borders on embarrassing, but we absolutely adored Hollie's cover of the hit song that also had special Idol meaning for her: It got her through to the top 40 last season! It's nice to see Hollie finally coming out of her

2. Skylar's "The Show Must Go On"

While we originally doubted just how long she'd last early on in the season, Skylar has emerged as this season's dark horse. (Thanks in small part to Colton Dixon's shocking exit last week.) Skylar has had three weeks of consistently great performances and her Queen cover was no exception. Phenomenal.

1. Elise Testone's "Bold as Love"

Combine this electrifying performance with Elise's crazy-awesome rendition of "I Want It All" and it's safe to say Elise is definitely back in this competition. So, so good.

Who's in Trouble

3. Elise

While she had two great performances, we still feel like viewers are having a hard time connecting to Elise, which is a shame.

2. Phillip Phillips

Is it just us or were both of Phillip's performances last night, "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "The Stone," completely lackluster. Seriously, we kept checking our email and getting up to grab more Diet Coke throughout his performances. And yes, we appreciated the fact that Phillip took on Dave Matthews, who he is always compared to, but it might not have been the smartest choice this late in the competition.

1. Jessica Sanchez

Girl was just not on last night. We were kind of shocked by how much the judges loved her rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" when it was just meh for us at best. Jessica secured the No. 1 spot on our "in trouble" list as soon as she said she was performing "Dance With My Father," which we think should be retired from reality singing competition shows forever.

Bottom Three Prediction: Elise, Jessica and Phillip

Exit Prediction: Jessica. Sorry, B.B. Chez!

American Idol Top Six Exit Poll
Who do you think is going home?

Agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments!

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