You know what they say about can bring two insanely attractive people together. At least in fictional hospitals it can! 

Yes, some stressful times on Grey's Anatomy will lead to the hookup everyone is buzzing about between April and Jackson, and we've got scoop on how the unlikely pairing ends up spending some QT (quality time, duh!) together. Plus, who will be most affected by Nick's return on The Secret Circle? And which friendship is heading for splitsville on Smash

We've got the answers to all that, plus scoop on The Lying Game, GleeOnce Upon a Time and more, in today's edition of Spoiler Chat! 

Heather: Um, how does that April and Jackson hookup happen on Grey's Anatomy?
It's crazy hot and out of left field, but Sarah Drew tells us you can blame it all on the board exams: "I there's just a lot of craziness, everybody is at the end of their rope and just full of all kinds of extra crazy energy as they are walking into their boards. And April goes through some pretty dramatic things, starting with being completely stressed out about failing." We're pretty glad that Jackson can help a girl out with her stress. And it's been at least a few episodes since we've seen him shirtless.

Emily: Is there any hope for David and Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time? I love them together!
Considering they are freakin' Prince Charming and Snow White, we're sure those kids will eventually work things out. Keyword: eventually. "Mary Margaret and David are still trying to figure out what their life is, what their life is together, what their life is apart. That saga continues," Josh Dallas tells us. As for what to expect from the finale, he says, "It's going to blow your mind. There are things that the fans are not going to expect. You're going to be throwing things at the TV. It's going to be epic. It is dangerous."

Metta: Is it too late to get The Lying Game back into #SaveOneShow?
Oh, you didn't get the memo, did you? No need to save it. ABC Family just picked up The Lying Game for a second season! Drinks all around!

Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Smash


Kim in New York City: I'm nervous about your Smash spoiler that Karen and Ivy will stop being friends. Is that really happening?
Oh, yes. It's real and it's very, very serious. "I can assure you that towards the end of the season there is really zero chance of them ever being friends at any point," Katharine McPhee ominously reveals to us. "It would be a miracle for them [to be friends again]. Something really goes wrong between the two of them." The other half of that duo, Megan Hilty, concurs with that awful warning. "Ivy's starting to lose everything at this point, and all she really has is this developing friendship with Karen, which she won't have much longer. It's kind of a downward spiral for Ivy. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse!" 

Eric G.: Parks and Rec finale scoop! Leslie wins, right?
They probably filmed her winning the election, because Parks and Rec shot two endings to the finale. But will the winning one be what they go with come May 10? "I think either way, and I know which way [it ends], will be really satisfying," Jim O'Heir tells us. "My opinion: Either way has a nice, smooth transition." All that really matters is Ben and Leslie getting married and having a thousand babies together, a fact we brought up to O'Heir, who smiled like he knew something we didn't. "I think [they're] a good combo. Who else could handle her craziness?" Beslie forever!

Francesca: I'm loving Quinn and Joe together on Glee! Any scoop on what's coming up for them!
More love triangle drama! The show is casting some professional roller skaters, so could another adventurous date be in store for Artie and Quinn? Well, we tell you that the love triangle will definitely be heating up in the last string of episodes. Which team are you on? 

Louis Hunter, The Secret Circle

Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Julie: Any scoop on Nick's return to The Secret Circle? So excited they are bringing him back. He was my favorite character!
We know someone else who is excited about Nick's return: Gale Harold, he whose character Charles murdered Nick! "It's a great thing—no, it's not a great thing, it's a horrible thing, but it's a good thing in terms of something to play because the last time that Charles saw him was underwater and Charles' hands were around his throat," Harold tells us. "It's great that he's coming back, but it's problematic as well." Hm…will Charles' devious ways finally catch up with him? Sounds like it!

Perry in Houston: I'm devastated by Holly's death on Eureka! How could they be so cruel as to kill off one of our favorite characters?
We feel your pain—and so does Felicia Day. "I have never seen more Twitter comments with capital NOOO!" she told us today. "People are really getting upset—I feel really bad. That's a testament to good writing. It's the same thing with Penny [Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog]—if that didn't happen it wouldn't have the emotional impact and depth of storytelling. So as an actor I was bummed, but at the same time it was such a cool twist...And I will always feel like I was a part of that family in an amazing way." Maybe going through the stages of grief now will help us prepare for Eureka's series finale? We're stuck at denial. (Sniff.)

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse & Christina Dowling

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