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If Lane Garrison hoped to escape his troubles with the law, this doesn't bode well.

E! News confirms the former Prison Break star was collared on Sunday at his Beverly Hills apartment on suspicion of felony domestic violence, potentially jeopardizing his probation from his manslaughter conviction from a years back.

Here's what we've learned.

A Beverly Hills Police Department spokesman tells E! News that officers responded to a domestic violence call on Saturday in which the 31-year-old Garrison was allegedly involved. The thesp was not at the residence when police arrived, but investigators returned to his pad the next day and subsequently took him into custody.

He is currently behind held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

The bust is bad news for Garrison who is on parole after serving 18 months in prison from a booze-fueled crash in December 2006 that killed a high school student who was riding in his car. New charges could send him back to state prison for violating the terms of his release. Garrison had only six days left before fulfilling his parole, which was due to end April 29, according to Van Nuys Parole Operations.

These aren't the first allegations of domestic violence Garrison has faced.

Beverly Hills cops investigated an incident in February at the apartment of his 25-year-old former girlfriend Ashley Mattingly after she called 911 on him, but no arrests were made then.

A source close to the couple tells E! News things between Lane and the former Playboy Playmate have been rocky for a while, describing the relationship as "horrible" and a "trainwreck." In fact, the insider says four of Lane's friends have tried to persuade the actor to leave his ex.

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For her part, the blond beauty told TMZ that the latest incident began Friday when they went to the Playboy Mansion and an allegedly inebriated Garrison began "hovering over" Hugh Hefner. After sleeping in his car that night, the actor returned to her place on Saturday, where the two allegedly got into a physical confrontation that left her with a knot on her head and multiple bruises.

Mattingly told the website she'll press charges if Lane refuses to go to rehab.

Harland Braun, an attorney for Garrison, was unavailable for comment, but he told TMZ that Garrison did not harm Ashley. Rather, the legal eagle said Garrison tried to calm her down after the two began arguing over their failed relationship and, after she became incensed, he put his hands on her shoulders to guide her into a chair.

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury and Ken Baker

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