Smash, Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman, we love you but you're really cramping our Smash style.

In three new clips from next week's episode, titled "Publicity," Thurman's character Rebecca Duvall is ruining lives in two of them. But the third one is what Katharine McPhee told us was the "epic," Bollywood number, and she wasn't kidding...

So first, Rebecca goes and pisses off her director by being late, and with paparazzi trailing her to boot. Derek (Jack Davenport) then pulls a very effective technique to kindly get the shutterbugs away from him and his star. Well, it's not kindly but it sure is effective.

Then we have Dev (Raza Jaffrey) fighting about Karen with Rebecca the celebrity, which probably leads to this crazy-good Bollywood number starring Karen and Dev that has pretty much everyone in the cast participating. Not only is it a cool performance, but there are two couples dancing together that make us wonder where they really stand with each other.

Preview "Publicity" below:

Smash airs Mondays on NBC. (E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

Do you think Karen and Dev are headed for splitsville? Is Rebecca single-handedly destroying Bombshell? Sound off below!

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