Alexander Skarsgard, Comic-Con

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

Dear Ted:
Let's say the director agrees with me that your top choice, Alexander Skarsgard, is too old-looking to play Christian in Fifty Shades, but the top choices are below. Who would you choose and why? Tom Welling, Hayden Christensen, Armie Hammer or Chace Crawford. Also, I would still love to see Dakota Fanning as Ana.

Dear Casting Ouch:
OK, since you're not into my idea of Skars nabbing the lead, then I'll have to go with Hayden Christensen, from your choices, at least. Despite what I said before, he's got the personal darkness and the secretiveness down, just like our gorgeous Alexander. Not to mention he's still pretty damn hot. And you know what? Dakota as Ana is actually growing on me!

Dear Ted:
Can anyone be bought like reporters/bloggers, photographers/autohounds or even fans by a celeb's PR teamif they  "saw" something they shouldn't have?

Dear Are You Kidding?
Yes. And it's happened with many stars, including our beloved and scandalous Cruella St. Shackles.

Dear Ted:
How about Josh Hutcherson and Dianna Agron? I think she has a boyfriend, but perhaps in the future? And since I believe she has a past Vice (vs. Vicey behavior), how much would that affect them? Smiles to your pooches!

Dear Duh:
Of course
Dianna's got a boyfriend, hottie Sebastian Stan (at least for now). But if Di and Seb were to break up—as they have before—can't say your matchmaking idea of Josh and Dianna is so off. Josh would be so nicely different from Dianna's hotheaded ex Alex Pettyfer, no?

Dear Ted:
How's Katy Perry's love life going?

Dear Part Of Me:
A lot
better than she'll ever know (meaning heaps better than if she were still with Russell Brand).

Dear Ted:
I love you but don't get you. You used to always be up front about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's relationship. You've insinuated plenty of times that Brad and Angelina would not last, that Angelina controls Brad and he basically does whatever she tells him to do, and I'm almost 100 percent sure I know what Angelina's Vice is. What's with the about-face? Now you gush over them. How "happy" their engagement is. How "great" their family is. What's going on, Ted? Did Brad and Angelina's publicist threaten you? I have been coming to you for years on all things gossip and I have to say, I'm a little confused right now!

Dear Feel Better?
Hey, you're not the Jen, are you? Regardless, what's wrong with—since a lot of children are in the picture now—wishing for the best, as they've both lasted longer than anybody ever thought they would. Mea culpa, you know? Although, I assure you Angelina calls the relationship shots. And what's the matter with that? Brad loves it!

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