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There is nothing we love more than a hot pair of brothers on our favorite TV shows!

So we are thrilled to bring you scoop on one of the hottest sibling duos: Klaus and Elijah from The Vampire Diaries. And we've got some intel on a certain ABC series getting good news concerning getting another season. All that, plus scoop on Glee, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl and more in today's serving of Spoiler Chat...

Monica: Please tell me the TVD bosses know that Klaus can never ever go away. My life would be shallow and meaningless.
Klaus is back to his evil tricks as the show barrels towards the season finale. It's going to take something pretty miraculous to save him if he doesn't start to behave soon!

Tera: Tell me you know if Elijah will be back on Vampire Diaries!
If Daniel Gillies does know anything about it (and we think he knows Elijah is up to something), he just can't spill. "I can't tell you anything about what he's going to do or I might lose my job," he laughs to us. But rest assured, Gillies will always be willing to bring Elijah around. "Time permitting, I would do anything. I love that show. I don't really understand why he suddenly snowballed into the apparition that he's become, but I'm very, very grateful." Grateful enough to pop up to save/destroy his brother in the finale? One can only hope.

Lostfan2011: Save One Show…I'd like for Once Upon a Time to be included!
Um, pretty sure the ABC hit doesn't need our help to get a second season! In fact, season two is looking pretty good right about now. We're unofficially picked up," Jennifer Morrison reveals to us. "I've already been invited to the Upfronts, so that's a good sign." Damn skippy it is! As for what to expect from the finale, Morrison says, "Brace yourself! There is not much that doesn't happen in that finale. It's pretty crazy."

Mark Salling

fatherdowling: Who is August on Once Upon a Time?!
We'd tell you we don't know, but our noses would be growing! In the next episode, all will be revealed and you will see why August has a very special connection with Emma, and why he's in trouble now. Hint: He's got wood. And, you know, not the dirty kind. August will spend some quality time with Emma trying to convince her of the curse. Wake up, girl! Wake up!

Lauren: Hey can you give any hints about Kurt/Rachel and NYADA?
Well, the big audition episode is called "Choke," so that should tell you more than you need to know. It can't go swimmingly for both of them, right?  But it's also a big (and surprisingly emotional) episode for Puck, so fans of his should definitely not miss it.

Karen in Rhode Island: Odd request but: anything on SVU?
You mean Law and Order: SVU? We assume there isn't some new show about Small Vegans Undercover that we didn't know about. But back to your scoop request, we've got you covered. "The next six episodes are pretty great and really get into the issues and ask questions that are really brave," SVU goddess Mariska Hargitay tells us. "We have a show about the affect on children who are conceived by sperm donors, and what their rights are. And we have another show that's about extreme modifications to your body."

NEW GIRL, Jake Johnson

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Faith in Laurel, Md.: Any hope for Nick and Jess on New Girl? I love them together!
We just caught up with Nick and Jess' number one fan Max Greenfield who says fans can expect some "really good" "Ness" (or is it "Jeck"?) moments from New Girl's finale. "Their relationship deepens," he teases. "We get to see them become closer and form more a deeper bond, which is really great."

Alexandra: Any new information on the third season of Pretty Little Liars you feel like sharing?
We all know Rosewood is going the way of Beverly Hills, 90210 by adding a happening coffee shop, The Brew, to Main Street, but did you know that the new joint will have its very own version of Nat, owner of the Peach Pit?! Look for Kevin, a hipster of a coffee shop-boss (how appropriate!), to make his debut in episode four of the new season.

Jack: It's the final season of House, so we need more spoilers.
You are absolutely right. How about we round up all the House cast members, throw a camera in their face and beg for scoop? We're pretty much doing that tonight at the House finale party, so you'd better head on down to the comments and leave us questions to ask!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins & Tierney Bricker

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