What do you get the couple who not only has everything, but wants for nothing? Since tabloid amnesties don't seem to be for sale, that's the conundrum that faces any would-be guests of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Wedding of the Century.

And while invitations have yet to go out, it's a question Julia Roberts has already pondered. And she shared with E! News exactly what she has in mind for the newly engaged supercouple.

Here's a hint: you definitely won't find this on any wedding registry.

"Indeed, oh yes, it's exciting news," Roberts, Pitt's costar in The Mexican and Ocean's Eleven, told E! News of Brangelina's engagement announcement. "It's always nice when you're ready to hitch your wagon for eternity to somebody."

When asked whether she had given any thought to her gift to the couple, she said that ideas were already percolating and something that's been on her mind.

"It's starting to be, now that people are starting to ask me and put pressure on me," she said on the red carpet of the Jesus Henry Christ premiere. So what's the gift?

"Babysitting," Julia said. "Yeah, that's good."

Truly, the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when you've got a Brangelina-sized brood. We can't be sure, but we're pretty confident that once Brad and Angie catch wind of her present, she'll more than earn herself a seat of honor come the big day.

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