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Charlie Sheen's Anger Management has made some people very angry.

The show's producer is being sued for $50 million by a former creative partner who claims that he labored for two years to develop the TV series only to be booted out once Sheen signed on to the project, according to documents obtained by E! News.

Looks like Sheen's big comeback isn't going as smoothly as planned…

Jason Shuman and his production company, Blue Star Entertainment, are suing Anger Management producer Joe Roth for breach of contract and fraud. In the suit, which was filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Shuman claims that Roth hired him to develop several projects that included Anger Management, which Shuman and his team reportedly began working on in 2008.

The preproduction work purportedly included fleshing out characters and storylines and meeting with TV execs.

The suit states that "in June 2011, without warning or justification, Roth went silent and refused to answer any of Shuman's emails or take any of his telephone calls." Shuman alleges he eventually learned that Roth was in talks with Sheen to develop and star in the project.

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Shuman claims that Roth and his production company, Revolution Studios, had "refused to honor its written producer agreement" with him and "takes sole credit" for the show's development. He's now seeking $50 million in damages owing to a loss of "receiving significant backend ownership in, and producer credit and fees on, the show."

Roth, however, is swatting down the accusations, telling E! News, "Haven't received the complaint. I'm aware of the situation and think it's without merit."

Sheen's rep tells E! News that the actor has "no involvement" in the proceedings, since the suit is against Roth.

Sheen started production on Anger Management last month, and it's set to premiere on FX on June 28.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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