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Not everyone will be nyuck, nyucking along with The Three Stooges when the film hits theaters today

The Catholic League issued a statement criticizing the new comedy and accusing 20th Century Fox and directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly's update of the legendary vaudevillian trio of insulting Catholics.

So what does the group find so offensive?

Unlike the classic shorts the Stooges were known for during Hollywood's golden age, which the group says avoided crudity and had a general respect for religion, Catholic League President Bill Donohue takes issue with critical appraisals that claim the comedy is a faithful homage to the madcap comedians.

"Yes, the slapstick is there, along with the groans, pokes, thumps and the like. But the TV show never mocked nuns or showed infants urinating in the face of the Stooges. The film does," he said in the statement.

Specifically, Donohue was upset with one of three stories in the movie that depict the Stooges raising money for their orphanage and show Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton in a "nun bikini" accessorized by a big rosary necklace.

The League also expressed their disapproval of Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David in drag as another nun who, adding insult to injury, is named Sister Mary-Mengele, apparently after the Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele. 

Talk about an eye poke!

Donohue also cited a 2009 Curb episode in which David splashed urine on a picture of Jesus and the fact that the funnyman joked on TBS' Conan Wednesday night that dressing like a nun may explain why the latter thinks they're "so mean."

"This movie is not just another remake: it is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we've changed is not encouraging," added the Donohue.

A spokesperson for the Farrellys could not be reached for comment, but Fox disputed the League's assertions that Moe, Larry and Curly did not live up to its earlier incarnations.

"The movie, in keeping with the spirit of the original TV show and its stars, is a broad, slapstick comedy," a Fox rep told the Hollywood Reporter. "As the Stooges have proved over time, laughter is a universal medicine. The nuns that Mr. Donohue alludes to, are in fact, caring, heroic characters in the movie, albeit within the framework of a very broad comedy."

The spokesperson added: "And as far as the nun attire, I think we did the audience a favor by letting Kate Upton wear the nun-kini rather than Larry David—it could have gone either way. We invite you to see the movie and decide for yourselves."

It doesn't sound like Fox will be repenting anytime soon.

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