Ultimate Fan Battle
Ultimate Fan Battle

We teamed up with Awful Truth to find out which fanbase is the biggest and most devoted, and after tens of thousands of votes and many rounds of one-on-one competitions vetting TV shows against movies, superheroes against music icons, we have the winner of our Ultimate Fan Battle tournament!

In the final round, a WB classic and a CW favorite were the only two left to fight for the crown. So when Buffy takes on Supernatural in a fan battle, who comes out on top? Drumroll please…

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Jack Rowand/The CW


This CW cult hit is unstoppable! Most of the time when we have Supernatural or its stars (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, etc.) in a competition, they either win the whole thing or make it to the final round. SPN fans, we are in awe of your devotion and love for the demon-hunters.

And we know they love you all right back. When Dean and Castiel were the finalists in our TV's Top Couples tournament going against Jeff and Annie on Community, Misha Collins was nice enough to tell us and the fans how he really felt about it: "So often Hollywood and pop culture portray relationships that don't reflect real life and relationships that lack a moral compass. I think it's nice to see a stable couple with grounded values getting this attention over that perverse relationship between Joel McHale and that girl on that other show. I mean, look how they're kissing. It's disgusting—you can tell they're not even using tongue."

And it looks like you'll be getting more of Sam, Dean and the gang since the recent showrunner shakeup is actually a good sign that Supernatural will be picked up for another season. And with a fanbase like you guys, how could they take this show away?

Congrats, Supernatural fans! You earned it.

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