Yes, some may have their own opinion as to what Scarlett Johansson's powers are (her charm, those lips, know), but according to the actress, it's neither of those things.

E! News caught up with the beauty, aka Black Widow, at The Avengers premiere tonight, and it turns out her real-life superpower is actually...

"Muffin-baking," she tells us. That's some serious skills, you guys.

"I can make blueberry, banana chocolate chip…it's like a superpower, just more fattening, I guess."

It's true. Not only is Scarlett Johansson good-looking and sassy, she's also a pro in the kitchen (at least when it comes to baking, but that's good enough for us). And we're not mad that she didn't bring us any. She had a good reason.

"I didn't have time. I was busy contemplating if I could wear my gym clothes."

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