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If you haven't read Ashley Judd's lengthy, controversial, media-slamming article on The Daily Beast, then go do it now—trust, its well worth the read.

In the article, Judd criticizes the "nasty, gendered and misogynistic" media while calling for "strong female-to-female alliances" to help promote change.

So it should come as no surprise Miley Cyrus—who's been busy fighting anorexia rumors as of late—shared her support for the Missing actress and tweeted her love for Ash's motivational message.

Inspiring? Absolutely.

But is this uphill battle even worth the fight?

Ms. Judd certainly believes so and as she eloquently pointed out—women, both in and outside of H'Wood, can't catch a break.

Take Miles and Ash as examples. They share a 24-year age difference, but both ladies are subject to the exact same self-image ridicule on two totally different topics—Miley, for being too fat and then suddenly too thin, and Ashley, for her "plastic surgery" puffiness (actually due to steroid medication).

And it's pretty alarming these two talented ladies have to deal with so much hate. Ashley sums it up best when she simply states in her essay we must "confront and change that there is no winning here as women."

But, does Ashley have a point, or is she just pulling the "woe is me" Tinsel Town card?

After all, this is Hollywood—thin is in, plastic surgery is practically a must and the expectations are endless. That's part of the Biz, right?

Not so, insist both Ash and Miles, and they encourage other women to fight back. A tough feat when you've got beauties like, say Megan Fox, constantly spilling "unattractive" words of wisdom.

Then there's the high and mighty road like Jennifer Lawrence—babe was first praised for her 'normal' bod only later to be totally hated on for being 'too fat' for The Hunger Games. And although equally offensive, she has yet to write an essay or take to Twitter to rant in response.

Perhaps A and M should take note and do the same?

It's no easy question to answer, so we turn to you Awful readers for the final word:

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Can women ever win the self-image war?
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