Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Dear Ted:
I'm dying for some Justifer news! Is there any update on Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?! They are my favorite couple. I get that they're done with movie promotion, but do they have to hide out so well? We only get rare double-date glimpses or movie casting news. According to one photo agency they spent the weekend cooing over Robert Downey Jr.'s new baby in Malibu—any chance they're feeling broody and getting some parenting practice in?
—Waiting For Baby

Dear Keep On Waiting:
Unfortunately, this power couple would rather make movies together…for now. And they're doing it again! Fresh off of Wanderlust (where the fab twosome met), they'll be reteaming for a heist comedy written and directed by J.T. Must be nice to have a mega-movie star girl you can use as your lead, huh? Jen also has Meet the Millers, where she'll play a hooker (who hasn't at this point?!). So while a baby is a long way off, we'll be getting plenty more red carpet action soon enough.

Dear Ted:
I have always liked Miley Cyrus. But my question is this: I understand Hollywood has this thing where everyone needs to be negative size 2, but she says she has a gluten allergy. I just read that there is no such thing as a gluten allergy and not eating gluten does not help you lose weight. So why do you think stars have to lie about what is really going on? Is it to make them less real to us? Even though they all say they just want to be treated as a normal person anyways.

Dear The Skinny on Miley:
Well, "allergy" may not be the proper terminology, but gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance are very real things, Mar! And normal people suffer them too (gluten-free diets are hardly a thing only for the stars). Plus, I'd credit the weight loss to the fact that every pap picture of the chick is her leaving a Pilates class.

Dear Ted:
So, it was rumored that Glee's Grant Gustin or Zac Efron would be playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. I think Gustin is an okay Finnick but Zac Efron would ruin it. And it would be awkward on set considering, well, you know, about Vanessa Hudgens...So, who do you think would play a perfect Finnick Odair and also Annie?

Dear Pretty Boy Blues:
As much as we love looking at these boys, Finnick needs to be someone who's a little more hunky with some serious swagger, at least in our opinion. Zac might actually be closer to that, but I wouldn't worry about any on-set awkwardness.

Dear Ted:
and Alexander Skarsgard? What's up? It's everywhere. Seems like she likes to talk about how delicious he is, but Alex is keeping his mouth shut as usual. Is she just looking to divert attention from herself and Chris Brown? Or could it be completely innocent?

Dear Crushed:
Can you blame RiRi for being completely smitten by ab-tastic A.Skars? But this is all simply costar kindness. Rihanna likes to flirt. And anyway, haven't you heard: Alexander and Charlize Theron are totally a thing.

Dear Ted:
What about Charlize Theron for Princess Grace Kelly? Definitely has a range of talent and is extraordinarily beautiful, mesmerizing as was Miss Kelly.

Dear Queen C:
Let be honest, we'd love to see Charlize in anything. And she definitely has the beauty and grace to pull off big-screen royalty (just look at her evil queen realness in Snow White and the Huntsman), but Ms. Theron might even be a bit too old. Gasp! How cruel is Hollywood, right?!

Dear Ted:
I just read the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm definitely thinking Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Ashley Greene as Ana Steele...what do you think?

Dear Not Given the Greene Light:
Even though I'm loyal to Skarsgård, I can totally see Matt Bomer pulling off the elusive Mr. Grey (plus we all just want to see more of him, right?). But I'm not seeing Ash as Ana though—playing a naïve, innocent college girl may be too much of a stretch.

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