Amanda Bynes Mugshot

West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept.

Dear Ted:
Uh oh, Teddy bear! Another Hollywood starlet bites the dust. Of course I'm talking about Amanda Bynes, the latest DUI darling in Tinseltown (oh what an honor!). So I have to ask: Were you surprised or was this a long time coming? As in…is Amanda Debbie Doobie?!

Dear Verbally Bitch Slapped:
Well aren't you sassy, Sharon?! Love it. And I have to say I'm surprised it took so long for someone to inquire about Ms. Bynes. I get why you'd suspect Amanda is the drugged out Debbie, but they are not one in the same. Actually, D2 works far more than Amanda does these days. And that fact has nothing to do with any horrible habits.

Dear Ted:
My gut is telling me that Siren Pictures of the recent Blake Barbina Blind Vice is the same studio as Pinnacle Pictures of the Maribeth Bush Blind. How's my gut doing?

Dear Trust Your Gut:
Both of those picture houses have a lot in common…including certain ways of handling stars who bite the hands that feeds them. But while Blake bent to the will of Siren Pictures, Maribeth ended up scoring the giant paycheck she wanted. Sometimes being an H.B.I.C. pays…literally.

Dear Ted:
What's Lloyd Boy-Toyed up to these days? Anything new in his "love" life?

Dear Toyed Around:
Something new and then some, Meg!

Dear Ted:
Lets talk Jared Padalecki, Jackles and all things Supernatural. You've said that both are Vicers, Mrs. A is in the know but isn't a Vicer herself and that JarPad's Vicey ways will be toned down now that mini moose is born. So I was wondering, do they both have their own notorious monikers? And are their Vices "OMG I'll never look at them in the same way again" Vices or are they both just hiding a secret or two that would be frowned upon? And has anyone come close to guessing their respective Vices thus far?
—P x

Dear In Your Order:
Yes. The latter, probably—I think most people would still love Jackles even knowing their Vicey ways (I do, at least). And lastly, some have been warmer and others have been cooler. Either way, "mini moose" has put a hold on the Vicing…for now.

Dear Ted:
What's happening with One Direction? They have to have some secrets in their closet. They're all too cute not to! Is it true that they're on a sex ban while in the US? Love ya, Ted!

Dear Stop the Presses:
I can't confirm or debunk the sex ban, babe—these boys just recently landed on my radar—but it's so not uncommon for musicians to do that while hitting the road. Especially if they're appealing to the younger demo. Vices? No, but with the amount of attention all these boy banders are getting, it's only a matter of time. Just ask Justin Timberlake.

Dear Ted:
I'm so tired of Hollywood casting the wrong actors in biographical movies to get a name and doing a huge disservice to the memory of the subject. For every Michelle Williams' Marilyn (bravo!), there seems to be several truly awful portrayals. Knowing Liz Taylor as you did, do you really think she'd be happy to have Lohan play her? I can't image L.L. would be anyone's first choice now, let alone the amazing Liz! My other current peeve is Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Nothing against Nic's talent, but her looks, age and grace are all wrong. Might I suggest a little more creative casting—movies are supposed to be creative, right? How about Elizabeth Banks?
—Let Me Cast It!

Dear From the Legend's Mouth:
Well, Liz did say the only person who should ever play her is her. But that's clearly not going to happen, so I actually think Liz would be content with Lohan playing her. Everyone deserves a second (or is this twentieth?) chance, right? As for your suggestion, as much as I love Banks, I'm still totally into Evan Rachel Wood for Kelly!

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