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In case you haven't heard, the 100 year anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking is fast approaching (April 15, to be precise). And to mark the occasion a splashy 3-D version of Oscar-winning Titanic is back in theaters, with audiences still swooning over Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio 15 years later.

And while the film can surely teach you a thing or two about history—for one, yes, the Titanic was a real ship that really sank (believe it or not, some people didn't know)—Rose and Jack's epic love saga has plenty of life lessons in it too.

We've compiled five…and might we suggest a few celebs pay attention to the first:

1. Pose Nude for Drawings Not Cell Phones! It's a lesson stars like Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Munn, Catherine Hendricks and (allegedly) Blake Lively have learned the hard way: If you take naked pics, they will eventually end up on the Internet. So why not have your nudes drawn instead?!

100-year-old Rose said it was the "most erotic experience" of her life (points for elderly horniness!). Plus, it adds that extra class you can't quite capture on an iPhone. And if people see your sexy sketching, you can always just say it's art!

2. Pay Attention in Physics, Kids! Sure, high school science class might seem boring and you've surely wondered, "When will I ever use this in real life?!" Well, when the ship you're on sinks, you're stuck in freezing cold water on the brink of hypothermia and you and your lover need to hop aboard a makeshift raft together.

It's simple physics, really…nothing you even need the quadratic formula or any of those face theories for. But if Jack and Rose had spent more time hitting the books instead of humping in cars, they might have realized that two people could fit on that raft. And have lived!

3. Lose Today, Live Tomorrow! Any sore losers out there? Sure there are! And who wouldn't be totally ticked off when they bet high on a game of poker only to get beat out by a young American chump with wispy blond hair and his whiny bud Fabrizi?! But, like Sven learned, there's a silver lining to everything.

We're sure good old Sven (and his killer left hook) was bummed for a few days after losing his ticket to America, but imagine the relief he must have felt when he heard that the ship sank and over half of the passengers perished. There's a reason for everything, right, Sven?

4. Get in Good With Grandma (Hint: $$$): Ugh, we know Rose wasn't in to the lifestyle of yachts and fancy hats (#whitegirlproblems), but that we're still livid she threw the Heart of the Ocean into, well, the ocean. Yes, it was touching and inspired a Britney Spears music video…but that was some serious bling!

And we're sure her granddaughter—ya know, the one who took care of Rose so she could spend her days making pottery—would have loved to inherit the necklace. Who knows, maybe Lizzy wasn't the fab grandbaby we figured. So be nice to your grandparents, people, and maybe they'll leave you jewelry fit for royalty.

5. Your Heart Will Go On…and On! Nursing a broken heart? Well just open your eyes—and more importantly, your ears—and remember that every night in your dreams, you can see them and you can feel them. And that is how you know they go on. Love can touch you one time and last for a lifetime…and it won't let go till you're one.

Whether near, far, wherever they are, you must believe that the heart does go on. Because once more, they will open the door and they'll be there in your heart…and your heart will go on and on. Don't you feel better already?

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