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Donald Trump may need to add "therapist" to his résumé because he had to deal with a whole lot of crazy on tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

Aubrey O'Day had gone MIA after clashing with Arsenio Hall, Lisa Lampanelli had a massive meltdown (what's new?) and Paul Teutul, Sr. wore a sweater vest?! Whoa, someone call Dr. Donald, it's an emergency.

Anxious to know what went down this week? Don't worry; you're in good hands with us.

Right from the start, tensions ran high as Arsenio and Lisa yelled not-so-sweet nothings to each other about Aubrey and her ego. Then when Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza walked in the victory room, Lisa shamelessly insulted them to their faces. How rude!

Tonight's task required the teams to write, produce and direct a 60-second commercial for With new teams in place, it was just about anyone's game. Dayana Mendoza instantly jumped to claim the role of project manager for Team Unanimous, and Teresa Guidice boldly took the lead for Team Forte.

Surprisingly, Arsenio and Aubrey decided to hug it out and start fresh. Meanwhile Dayana commanded respect from her team and it worked! For their commercial concept, they came up with a love story. How is that for irony?

Team Forte went for a more risqué storyline, filled with sexual innuendos that might not have fit with the company's image. On the other hand Team Unanimous played it safe, but where was Penn Jillette? He bailed on his team again to do a personal performance, leaving Lou to play the scapegoat.

Although everyone kept cool during the project, they saved their fire for the boardroom. So why did Lisa shower Dayana with compliments? Maybe because Lou said he wanted to throw Lisa through the window if she were a man. Ouch.

It just so happens that Teresa's commercial wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. It turned out to be just right, earning her $60,000 for her charity, The NephCure Foundation.

Despite Lisa's attempts to suck up to Dayana, Miss Universe didn't forget how Lisa used to bully her in the boardroom. She brought Lou and Lisa with her to the chopping block. The Donald was disappointed that Lou did not give what he calls his usual "110 percent," but what really got Donald fired up was the fact that Lou acted disloyal to his team. He threw his team under the bus, saying he liked the other team's commercial better. In the end, he's the one who got run over.

Do you think Donald made the right diagnosis by firing Lou? Sound off in the comments!

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