Magic City

Greg Williams/STARZ

Magic City is one of the prettiest new shows on TV.

And no, we're not just talking about star Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bare backside, which opened tonight's premiere of Starz's glitzy period drama.

So were you celebrating along with Morgan (and Frank Sinatra!) as his glamorous Miramar Playa Hotel rang in 1959?

Everyone and everything in Magic City is gorgeous—from swanky Miami Beach hotel owner Ike Evans (Morgan) and his rockabilly-styled sons to the mobsters and their molls, from the shiny convertibles and colorful costumes to the shimmering aqua sea and swimming pools.  

But the paradise is also a camouflage for some ugly exploits—murder, infidelity and mob-driven desperation. Even clever dialogue—Morgan's "Did she just f--king curse?" response to his bratty daughter's "I don't even want a damn bas mitzvah!" outburst (which Morgan told us he ad-libbed)—is weighed down by clichés, like mob boss Danny Huston's wince-worthy conclusion to Ike after recounting the scorpion and the frog fable: "Think about that as we swim across the river of life, together." Ouch.

Still…if you want pretty postcards from what Morgan calls a "glamorous, sexier time," Magic City isn't a bad place to visit.

Check out the video above to hear Jeffrey dish on showing his barenaked hiney, all those cigs 'n' whiskey, and the hardship of living in glam Miami!

So what did you think of Starz's Magic City? Do you want to see more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's assets? Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on down to the comments to talk about Starz's new drama!

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Magic City?
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