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Forget the old adage about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It's a bitter production studio that residents of Hollywood apparently need to watch out for!

Especially if you're a featured player from a glossy new pic and you directly oppose what the studio has told you to do on the press line. Look out, Blake Barbina, who was recently made to pay the price heavily for misspeaking to the media:

Blake, who has a pretty decent fan base, was told to only talk about the new movie Blake was busy promoting for Siren Pictures, Life After Teenage Lust. Siren was adamant that Barbina only talk about Lust, and not the many other projects Blake had in the works.

But, of course, what Hollywood actor thinks he or she can't do what he or she wants, especially if a large fandom is involved? That's right. Probably close to zero.

So, when doing press recently, B.B. went ahead and blabbed all about the other projects coming up, giving second-shrift to Lust. Siren was apoplectic.

So much so, they decided to release to the press some not so valiant activities of Blake's. And Barbina was shocked, to say the least—not to mention totally caught off guard, which had been Siren's precise intent.

In other words, Blake's personal life will never again be the same, but Siren's assured compliance with their stars in the press is now pretty much assured. For the time being, at least.

Way to go, Siren, it's like you've been taking lessons from Nikki Reed or something!

AND IT AINT: Nikki Reed, Zac Effron, Jennifer Lawrence

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