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Why do the writers of How I Met Your Mother want to torture us so much? Sure, Barney and Quinn are super-cute, but they aren't endgame like Barney and Robin, right?

Unfortunately, our update on HIMYM doesn't bring the best news for Rarney (do they have a couple name?) fans. Plus, we've got some pretty killer White Collar scoop, and an intriguing detail about the Parks and Rec finale. All that, plus scoop on Vampire Diaries, Psych, True Blood and more in today's dose of Spoiler Chat...

Colette: Are we going to start seeing signs that Barney and Quinn aren't perfect for each other? I have a bad feeling we're just going to see them as this perfect little couple until the "shocking" revelation that Barney's bride is someone else. Please tell me I'm wrong!
We wish we could promise you that Barney dumps Quinn ASAP and then runs into Robin's arms immediately after, but that's just not his journey this season. Quinn and Barney will continue to get serious, and he'll share something with her that he never shared with Robin. Break our shipper hearts! Plus, you do know how much love HIMYM loves its flash-forwards right? Yeah, just prepare for some of those coming up. They will be, in a word, revealing.

Todd in New York: Parks and Rec! When is it coming back and please give me some scoop…
Ugh, do you miss it as much as we do? Parks and Rec doesn't return with new episodes until April 19! So far away! But we have this interesting piece of info about the season finale: They shot two endings, so even the cast doesn't know if Leslie (Amy Poehler) wins the election or not. And the only people who do know aren't talking. Trust us, we've been calling in the middle of the night to threaten them. Sometimes we take our passion for TV scoop too seriously, but it's all for you guys!

Ally in Redondo Beach, Calif.: Do you know if Cassidy Freeman is coming back to TVD before the end of the season?
She certainly wants to, but unfortunately she won't spill if she'll return to The Vampire Diaries. "I would love to be around all the time," Freeman tells us. "But they're not letting me say how long I'm on for." You know what she would be around for should the opportunity come up? A Smallville movie, be it small screen or big screen. "I would absolutely be willing to participate," she says. "It might be difficult given the end of my character. I would love it. I would jump at the chance. That's my first family." Awww!

White Collar, Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay

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Ronnie M.: Any scoop on White Collar's new season?
Just that it's full of crazy surprises and tons of action, but we were expecting that. Peter and Neal won't physically cross paths anytime soon when the new season starts, but that doesn't mean they aren't involved in each other's lives. Plus, we stumbled across this little factoid that we had to share: Someone will get shot before episode three. Taking guesses…now!  

Brie: Do not want Dave and Penny on Happy Endings. You hear me, Kristin? Tell me Dave and Alex to get back together!
Based on the season finale, it sure looks like Dave and Alex are seriously considering rekindling their romance. When we chatted with Elisha Cuthbert about season three, she wouldn't mind for the audience to actually see Dave and Alex as a couple…but only through flashbacks. "I don't know if I could [date Dave] for that long," she tells us. "I mean, I'm having fun being single, too." Guess we'll have to wait an entire summer to get the 411 on the Dave-Penny-Alex situation.

Misty: Psych scoop, pleeeease!
Love is in the air for one of our heroes. OK, we'll spill: It's Gus! Season seven will bring Gus (Dulé Hill) a woman that he'll legitimately fall for, and she seems to be the perfect one for him…until he discovers that she's been keeping a secret from him that'll change everything. Wah-wahhhh…love can never be easy for our boys. We anticipate this romantic storyline to be central to Psych's seventh season.

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Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood


Liz in Costa Mesa, Calif.: True Blood is the best part of the summer, so I'll need to know what to expect in the new season.
First of all, in case you haven't heard, True Blood's new season starts on June 10, so mark it on your Alexander Skarsgard-themed calendars. As for that to expect, we've met all different kinds of vampires in four seasons of True Blood, but in the new season T.B. will introduce us to a type of vamp we've never met before. We can't reveal more than that, but we can tell you that this character is described as strong and cocky, and they'll be around for more than one episode.

Cassie in Bloomington, Ind.: One Tree Hill is over, so give me scoop on my second-favorite CW show: 90210
Why did you have to bring up OTH? We're still recovering from the finale. And the scoop we have for 90210 isn't much more uplifting, because the show doesn't plan on shying away from Silver's breast cancer scare. "It's going to put Silver in a really difficult place where she needs to decide what is the next step and at a very young age as well," Jessica Stroup tells us. "Does she have this gene, and if she has this gene, what is her next step as far as the treatments? So it was some pretty heavy stuff to delve into, but important."

Eddie: When does Rookie Blue return?
Thursday, May 24, is the date to remember. We repeat: Rookie Blue's new season starts this summer on May 24. If you miss the premiere, don't say we didn't remind you (twice)!

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins

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