If you ask Chevy Chase about the bad blood that surfaced this week between him and Community creator Dan Harmon, it's a matter he'd apparently like to forget.

E! News caught up with the funnyman at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Tuesday night, and he did his joking best to pretend he didn't know who his boss was and what the whole feud between them was about in the first place.

When asked how he felt about Harmon leaking a profanity-laced voicemail the actor left chewing Harmon out for insulting him at Community's season-ending wrap party, Chevy played dumb.

"Who's that?" he quipped. "Oh yeah, I heard about that."

Informed that the producer later claimed Chase was drunk when he issued his salvo, Chevy replied, "That bastard!"

 He also played coy about whether he really believed Harmon was "not funny" as he dissed in his message.

"That was the wrong thing to say at the time," the comedian said before changing his mind and adding, "No, that was the right thing to say at the time."

Chase and his two lady friends subsequently got in his car, but not before the ex-Saturday Night Live star gave a parting maniacal laugh for the paparazzi as he drove off and made like he was about to hit a car—and them.

For his part, Harmon took to his Tumblr to offer up an extensive mea culpa to Community fans for his expletive-filled scolding of the thesp in front of the latter's wife and daughter and for having played the voicemail publicly, resulting in the rant inevitably finding its way online.

As for whether Chase will remain with Community for its upcoming fourth season, only time—and maybe a nice olive branch or two—will tell.

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