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Dear Ted:
Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are going to break up. It's just a matter of time. In the time they've been together she was nominated for an Oscar and received a role of a lifetime in The Hunger Games; now she is probably swimming in scripts. Meanwhile, two of his movies have been pushed back. The little buzz he had after X-Men is disappearing. It's for the same reason Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth aren't going to last. I bet both couples are over by the time Catching Fire comes out. Love your site!

Dear Negative Nancy:
We couldn't disagree with you more! Sure, both couples are pretty young, but they just sort of work. Miley and Liam have been together for almost three years now—and Liam's career has only grown in that time. As for Jen and Nick? In case you haven't been following all our love for Jen—the girl is so down to earth, which is all the more reason we don't think she needs an A-list boyfriend. We're rooting for both adorable couples—here's hoping the odds are ever in their favor!

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if Rihanna felt any backlash for working with Chris Brown not just from critics but also from fans? I'm sorry to say, I used to be a major fan but now I just don't have the same excitement about her anymore. Do you think she would dare to do it again?

Dear Support System:
Call us crazy, but I think that RiRi probably got more backlash from her fans than she did from the critics. Not that we blame anyone, we think it's awesome that her loyal and loving fans were just looking out for her. As for another collabo between the two—be it personal or professional? We sure hope not, but as we all know Rihanna and Chris are way unpredictable.

Dear Ted:
Is anyone else slightly taken aback by this Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry connection? Kristen and Rob Pattinson were seen on the set of Katy's 3-D concert movie and then Kristen complimented Katy on her armor during her Kids' Choice Awards acceptance speech. Is this the start of a beautiful new friendship? Are Robsten breaking out of their seclusion bubble and hanging out with other A-list celebs?

Dear Three's Company:
We're totally into this newfound friendship! Rob and Kristen have definitely kept to themselves in terms of socializing in Hollywood, and we see a totally perfect platonic pairing in Katy and Robsten. Emphasis on platonic—Rob, Katy and Kris all love the music scene—no breakup rumors necessary. 

Dear Ted:
I just saw pictures of Robert Pattinson surfing in Malibu, and the pics were hot! But I was wondering, do you think it has anything to do with the Finnick role in Catching Fire? I mean, a big part of the arena is to do with water, and casting is happening soon. So do you think there is any chance he could be the one? I believe he would be perfect for the role.
—Forever a Mockingjay 

Dear Wishful Thinking:
Unfortunately, we're going to say that one totally huge franchise is enough for Rob. So even though we all want to see more of him on the big screen—especially playing an attractive charmer like Finnick—we wouldn't count on it. Let's just cross our fingers for more shirtless pictures of Rob to come!

Dear Ted:
I'm new to AT, but I love it so far! I was you think January Jones will ever reveal her baby daddy? I just saw pictures of her adorable son and he looks an awful lot like a certain Saturday Night Live funnyman.

Dear Baby Steps:
January will probably reveal little Xander's father eventually, but she's made it clear that she's in no rush. We have to admit, we sort of admire someone who is quicker to admit she eats her own placenta than who her baby daddy is!

Dear Ted:
Can't agree with the support of Megan Fox's comments. No one wants to be unattractive to others. With the current attention to bullying I'd assume that much was obvious. But her comments just turn a knife in those who feel they aren't attractive enough. She should have simply kept her trap shut if she didn't know how to express herself and make her point about being comfortable in her own skin in an elegant way. Someone once asked Jennifer Aniston if she felt sexy. Aniston's answer showed class: She said sometimes she felt sexy, sometimes she felt awkward, like everyone else. These girls are human, probably real, and decent.
— Think again

Dear Chatterfox:
Look, babe, you may not have been a fan of Megan's comments, but this hardly the first "Foxism" we've seen from the former Transformer star. Megan's famous for speaking her mind in a rather, um, controversial manner. Hey, at least she's honest!

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