Joe Manganiello, Anna Paquin, True Blood

John P. Johnson/HBO

Today was a good day for True Blood fans!

Along with the season-two premiere of Game of Thrones, HBO gifted viewers with a tasty treat before the episode began: a new promo for True Blood's fifth season! Huzzah!

So what can fangbangers look forward to this season? Here are five goodies we learned from the promo…

Death! Sex! Violence! Fangs! Shirtlessness!

Yes, those five things are heavily featured in the brand spankin' new promo! But the one scene that especially piqued our interest and had us pausing the teaser several times? Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) smooching…we're not sure who, but it looked hot! Bonus: we got to see Eric and Sam (Sam Trammell) shirtless. It's going to be a good season, y'all!

Noticeably missing? Tara (Rutina Wesley), who was shot in the season-four finale, so the opening scene with Sookie (Anna Paquin) burying a body is making us nervous. Here's hoping it's Debbie (Brit Morgan) she's burying!

Finally, this sneak peek has us extremely excited to see more of Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), the Reverend turned vampire! A former vampire-hater who is now a fanger should make a very interesting storyline and Steve seems to be enjoying his sharp set of chompers in the new footage!

True Blood season five premieres this June on HBO.

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