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Donald Trump dominated primetime TV real estate tonight with a three-hour special of Celebrity Apprentice.

The Donald gave viewers plenty of bang for their buck by dishing out two tasks and two doses of "You're fired." With over $1 million at stake for the celebs' charities, you can bet your bottom dollar that things in the boardroom got quite heated.

Dying to know who kept their cool and who got burned this week?

The first task was to create and sell a "My New York" celebrity guidebook. A piece of low-fat cheesecake, right? Well, not exactly. Teresa Guidice finally stepped up as project manager for Team Forte, and Dee Snider took the reins for Team Unanimous. As the teams strategized to raise money, the men successfully called in favors from friends, while Lisa Lampanelli freaked out at Dayana Mendoza once again.

At the sales kiosks, generous donations came from all directions. Recently fired Michael Andretti dropped $20,000 for a guidebook at the guys' table. Teller of Penn and Teller gave $15,000, and a chaotic tornado of cash blew in from the Blue Man Group. Arsenio Hall was promised a blank check from Jay Leno, but it didn't make it there in time.

Regis Philbin was a guest judge on this challenge. Regis chose the womens' book as his favorite, awarding Team Forte with $35,000 toward their fundraising pool. The difference between the two teams' earnings was a mere fourteen dollars, but despite the bonus from Regis, the men came out on top. Dee received $326,000 for his charity, the March of Dimes.

In the boardroom, the women brought out their manicured claws, except for Dayana who kept her cool. Ultimately, it came down to the one that raised the least money. Aubrey O'Day should have gone home, but since she was spared from the chopping block, Debbie Gibson was fired.

Just when it seemed things were about to cool down, Trump pulled a fast one and mixed up the two teams. Teresa, Aubrey, Arsenio, Clay Aiken and Paul Teutul, Sr. made up one team, and the second included Lou Ferrigno, Lisa, Dayana, Dee, and Penn Jillette. Arsenio and the incredible Lou took charge as project managers for this challenge.

The final task was to create a membership kit for Walk With Walgreens, a new online program to encourage people to walk 30 minutes per day. The new Unanimous team was quickly becoming "The Aubrey Show" and Arsenio wasn't having it.

Lou's team put on an almost flawless performance, except when Penn called Walgreens, Walmart by mistake! Luckily Dayana saved the day by making a witty beauty queen joke.

In the end, Arsenio's team won the challenge, bringing the former late night host to tears. He scored some major cash for the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Lou reluctantly brought Dayana and Dee with him to the Boardroom, while Aubrey went missing! Guess she couldn't handle someone finally standing up to her sassy attitude.

Donald had a tough decision to make, but based on a weak box design he decided to fire Dee. And Dayana was spared once again.

What a dramatic episode, huh? Who do you think should have been fired? Fire away in the comments!

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