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Oh, was part one of our chat with Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley too doom and gloomy, with all the funeral and death talk, for you? 

Don't worry, we've got just the scoop to make you feel better...depending on if you're Team Jack (Nick Wechsler) or Team Daniel (Joshua Bowman). Yes, part two of our exclusive chat with Kelley is all about the twisted love triangle Emily (Emily VanCamp) has found herself in since returning to the Hamptons, which is set to heat up now that a certain someone is out of the way...

Plus, will fan favorites Emily and Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) relationship ever take a romantic turn? Kelley reveals the one thing fans will never see that pairing do exclusively to us!

Now that Daniel is officially a suspect in the murder of Tyler (Ashton Holmes), fans can expect to see a very different side of the Grayson golden boy Daniel. "You are going to see a very much darker side of Daniel," Kelley teases. "It's really interesting. We're actually heading toward the end of the season where he definitely takes a turn and in a lot of ways helps Emily stay focused on what her reason for coming out to the Hamptons was in the first place."

As for Emily's other suitor Jack, who moved Tyler's body and managed to leave his fingerprints everywhere, Kelley bluntly says, "He's pretty screwed." Alas, there is a silver lining: "Don't worry. He'll have Emily on his side. You'll want Emily on your side when you're screwed."

While the love triangle has been on the back burner for several episodes, viewers can expect it to heat up again thanks to the disappearance of a certain lady in Jack's life. "The reason that we exited Amanda is in service of the triangle," Kelley hints.



As for what's coming up between partners-in-crime Nolan and Emily, Kelley says, "We're going to get into that sort of family feeling between the two of them. They're kind of a weird brother-sister to me and that is by design. David Clarke was his father figure really."

When asked if he's been surprised by the rather intense fan reaction to that pairing, Kelley answers, "I just adore Gabriel and it humanizes Emily in a way giving her a fraternal relationship. I'm not surprised because I know these actors and I love that people are responding to that in a good way."

Fans rooting for a romantic relationship between Nolan and Emily may need to take a deep breath before reading this next bit of information from Kelley: "The fact that people want them to kiss weirds me out because they are never going to kiss. No, I think of them as brother and sister and no more." And there you have it!

As for that mysterious interaction between Nolan and Takeda at the Fire and Ice party, fans have been buzzing about, Kelley assures us that viewers will get the story behind it in tonight's episode.

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC

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