Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga: Who Makes the Better Mermaid?

Singer's new ad shows off her scaly transformation

By Bruna Nessif Feb 04, 2012 6:00 PMTags
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It's a mythical sea creature showdown!

Katy Perry's new ad for ghd's Air hairdryer, shot by photographer David LaChapelle, features the 27-year-old singer in full mermaid gear, and, if you can recall, Perry's photo shoot for this specific ad caused a mini-feud between her and Lady Gaga.

Oh, you don't remember?

Basically, Perry had tweeted a photo of herself in full woman-of-the-sea transformation while planking (funny how that's no longer a thing), and Gaga's camp thought she stole their mermaid idea since Mama Monster had already debuted her mermaid alter ego, Yumi, for "Edge of Glory."

But then again, Bette Midler also got on Gaga's case for her copying her disabled mermaid bit.

Anyway, Katy told Marie Claire, "David LaChapelle made the set amazing. It was fun—I got to have purple hair, which foreshadowed the real purple hair I had last fall. It's as if Lisa Frank had done The Little Mermaid." Perry even admitted that she might keep the mermaid costume as an option for next Halloween.

Let's just hope Gaga doesn't have the same idea...

Who do you think made a better mermaid? Let us know in the comments!

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