Nicolas Cage Redefines Action Acting

Actor Nicolas Cage reinvents himself

By Peter Gilstrap Sep 05, 2008 12:08 AMTags
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With his new action-thriller Bangkok Dangerous set to hit screens nationwide, Nicolas Cage has revealed a newfound approach to his craft. "On my path of film acting, I've been trying to think more and more internationally, trying to have a global mind," the Oscar-winning actor told the Los Angeles Times. "That means going to foreign countries and working with filmmakers who have a special point of view that will reinvent me in an alternative light."

According to Hollywood Soup Blog sources, Cage later elaborated on his statement: "In my past film roles, I've pretty much relied on opening my mouth real wide and furrowing my brow to express intensity. Now, thanks to the filmmakers who have a special point of view, I realize I can just open my mouth.

"Also, when something serious is happening, like when I have to shoot somebody while I'm wearing an ironic Hawaiian shirt, I can go with the brow thing and keep my mouth closed. And kind of staring really hard at something, even when it's not necessary, you're going to be seeing a lot of that from me." Furrowing his brow, Cage added, "It's basically a total reinvention."

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