Justin Bieber, Under The Mistletoe, Album Cover

Attention, Beliebers! It looks like Christmas is coming early this year.

It's just been announced that Justin Bieber will be releasing his upcoming holiday collection on, wait for it, Nov. 1! That's a month from tomorrow, folks. Thirty-one days and counting, in 744 hours...well, you get the idea. 

But that's not all. The cover art for the album, titled Under the Mistletoe, has also been revealed. Something tells us this pic will be getting plenty of smooches—with or without any mistletoe around. Especially by one girl, in particular...

We're referring, specifically, to a young lady by the name of Debanhi Guzman Torres.

The 14-year-old was one of several fans who wasn't able to get a ticket to Bieber's sold-out concert in Mexico tonight. She was subsequently caught on camera crying hysterically over it. When word of what happened got back to Bieber, he quickly sent out a plea to his Twitter followers to try and locate her.

"Need everyone's help," he tweeted yesterday along with this YouTube clip. "We have LESS than 24 hours. we need to find this girl..she is at the 30 sec mark. HELP! thanks."

Fortunately, the girl was eventually found, and now she's not only going to the concert, she'll get to meet her idol as well.

It's kinda like a Christmas miracle.

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