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Uh oh, Parrish Maguire is in hot water.

And we're not talking about a warm Jacuzzi—ya know, the place Parr likes to hook up with older, more experienced men while other partygoers watch (how devilishly naughty is that?). No, we're talking trouble.

Parrish has a beard problem. As in, he needs one, pronto.

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See, Parrish can't seem to find a H'wood chica willing to put up with him long enough to establish some straight cred.

Which means people are starting to talk. And not just in T-town (where Parr's pals have been whispering about his dude-on-dude sextivities since forever)—we're talking popcorn munchin', movie-ticket buying audiences, too.

And Parrish is freaked out, no matter how much PR his peeps put out to cover his homolicious tracks.

So why can't Parrish land a babe willing to stick by his side?

Well, he's a monster. He's got a horrible diva ‘tude that rivals the worst of the worst T-town be-yotches. And word is spreading through the B.A.H. (that'd be the Beard Association of Hollywood) not to link up with him—which is why you'll see him out and about with a bevy of ladies but nothing ever sticks.

Funnily enough, Parrish used to be a real sweetie (back when we had a long-term cutie boyfriend attached at the hip). But that's what happens when you let your head get out of control—and we ain't talking about the one on his shoulders.

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