Lea Michele

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Dear Ted:
So far Lea Michele is the lead Glee star, most recognized from the show. After Glee is over, do you think any of her castmates might actually soar above her in popularity and success, and if so, which male and female Gleek would have the best chance?

Dear Downward Diva:
Trust, all of the stars on Glee are uber-talented and they all have the acting and vocal chops to stay in Tinseltown in a post-Glee world. Even Mark Salling. As for our favorite diva? Her star status certainly isn't going anywhere—girl has been on Broadway since age eight and now that her boytoy is out of the picture, we think she will focus on work for a while, in true diva form. Perfection before pleasure!

Dear Ted:
I don't normally care about Justin Bieber but I gotta ask this—what do you think Selena Gomez sees in him? I know you're not a mind reader, but I saw pictures of them walking in the streets, shopping and eating lunch. He was singing like a little boy with a skip in his step and she looked like she couldn't care less about whatever he was doing. She looked so mature. So what do you think it is?

Dear Bielieb-it:
We know the pairing may seem a bit odd, but you have to remember—these two are young stars, still deciding exactly how they want to be perceived. Also, consider it two love-struck teens who can't get enough of each other. Selena finds it charming—for now.    

Dear Ted:
Congrats on the no smoking. What can you tell my rescue Mr. Puss and me about our favorite, Jackie Bouffant? I hear he is now a one-man man and happy, Mr Puss says no way. A fish bet rides on this one.
Mr. Puss

Dear Dude on the Loose:
Hope Mr. Puss enjoys his yummy treat ‘cause he's so right.

Dear Ted:
I love me some Robert Pattinson. I agree he and Kristen Stewart are hot. There's just something about him. I was looking at older pics from the Harry Potter era and through today. He strikes me as having the sort of puss that will age well, don't you think? I can enjoy me some R.Pattz for a long time.

Dear Gets Better With Age:
Well, since Rob has only become more and more delish, we highly doubt his looks will falter anytime soon.  Rob is a timeless hunk, which is exactly why we heart him and know he has a long time left in H'wood. 

Dear Ted:
Somehow it always feels like Larry Rudolph is more of a caretaker than a real lover to Britney Spears. Now he's giving a bunch of money to Jamie Spears for negotiating and running the tour. It all seems to be healthy for her, but more business than love.

Dear Don't Hold It Against Her:
Don't worry about Brit, J! The money Larry is giving to Jamie is only for doing such a great job running her tour. Brit's tour was a success, and we're sure that makes the gal happy after having such a rocky few years. Plus, Mr. Rudolph is supposed to be all business! Leave the lovin' to her boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

Dear Ted:
Which Blind Vicer's actual identity would most surprise his or her fans?

Dear Vice Lover:
Terry Tush-Trade,
to be sure.

Dear Ted:
The original Valley of the Dolls was great. Big shoes to fill.

Dear You Know What They Say:
Big feet…huge expectations. Completely agree, but, we also think it can be done. Which is why we're mucho excited for the TV remake. What do you think of our casting?

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