Forget about Delena. So long Stelena. We're totally Team Klefan. (Yeah, we'll work on the name later.)

The best thing about The Vampire Diaries season three so far in our opinion? The dynamic between our resident good-vampire-gone bad Stefan (Paul Wesley) and our only hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan). We kind of don't blame Stefan for staying with Klaus instead of hightailing it back to Mystic Falls for Elena (Nina Dobrev). Klaus knows how to party (and keeps our boy well-fed). 

TVD takes a stroll down memory lane in tonight's episode, visiting Stefan during the 1920s where he was in full Ripper-mode. We've seen the episode and let's just say it's Paul's best work on the show yet. We chatted with Paul and Joseph (or, as we like to call him, JoMo!) about the roaring '20s, Stefan's dark side and dynamic between Stefan and Klaus...

Fans will finally get to see Ripper Stefan in full effect and it may not be the last time we see him. "As the season progresses, I more and more develop into the character that I was a long time ago in the 1920s—and when I was a ripper and when I was in the fullest darkness of my being and I conquered that," Paul explains to us. "When we meet Stefan initially he's conquered that and he's the good guy, but he just falls right back into it."

We've already told you that Paul gives an epic performance in tonight's episode and it may have to do with the fact that when we asked if he prefers playing the hero or the villain, he answered, "Oh, without any doubt, the villain. Not particularly the villain with a twirly mustache, so to speak, but I think a layered character that can sort of go between the two is my favorite. And right now I get to be a little villainous, so it's nice for a change."

Without giving too much away, fans will learn more about Klaus' interest in Stefan and see a whole new dynamic between the two well-coiffed men. "We're going to certainly learn why it's so important for him to take Stefan, why he wanted to take Stefan with him," Joseph says. 

Paul reveals that a change in the Klaus and Stefan relationship is on the horizon. "It becomes a little bit more fraternal. It becomes a little bit more of a bond that grows, due to both of our interests in blood and both of our sort of deepest desires to be vampires—and then some information is revealed that the viewer learns. We find out that they have a history, that Klaus gives him some information that Stefan was not aware of that makes him see Klaus in a different way." 

Joseph says he and Paul get along really well, which makes developing Klaus and Stefan's relationship all the more fun. "It's really fun to sort of play those changes and to develop the relationship together as well; to have me affect him a little more, him pull me back, make me a little more human and sort of see how that evolves."

Looking ahead, Joseph says he wants Klaus to have a love interest so we can see a different side of him. "I think that it's important if we're going to see this well-rounded character for us to see how he reacts with someone he feels that way."

While a love interest may or may not be in the cards, we know one thing we'll definitely be seeing Klaus deal with soon. "We're going to meet the rest of my family. I'm really excited about that." Joseph says that Klaus' relationships with his father and his sibling are "dysfunctional." Color us shocked!

"It's really about learning more about Klaus as a person. We're going to see a more human side of him," Joseph says of his character in season three. "We're going to see some vulnerability. We're going to learn the reasons why he is the way he is. I hope he's not just two-dimensional evil. I think what I've been really going for is to peel back the layers and see some of the cause for why he has become so dysfunctional."

Watch our interviews with Paul and Joseph to hear more about their characters' ever-changing relationship, Klaus' interactions with Damon and if Elena will be Stefan's only love interest. Don't forget to watch The Vampire Diaries tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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