Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto, Suburgatory


Welcome to Suburgatory!

Viewers got their first look at ABC's quirky new comedy tonight, perfectly manicured lawns, gleaming white-picket fences and all. While we absolutely adored the Mean Girls meets Juno-style show, we're curious to know what you thought of Suburgatory.

Let's get to it!

Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy star as George and Tessa, our favorite father-daughter duo in a very long time, who move from NYC to the suburbs after he discovers condoms in his little girl's bedroom and promptly loses his shiz. While the two fight quite a lot in the episode (including a hilarious scene involving "passive-aggressive reference books"), you can see the genuine affection between them, which was one of the highlights. Tessa's dry wit and sarcastic attitude and George's insane charm and likability make for a sweet combination.

Adding to our love for the show are the supporting players, including Cheryl Hines as Dallas, a "Franken-mom" who may or may not have the hots for George and shows Tessa there's a little heart under all that plastic, and Alan Tudyk as Noah, George's wacky college buddy and 'burbs Kool-Aid drinker. Suburgatory is also welcoming some pretty legit guest stars, such as SNL's Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell as George and Tessa's neighbors and Jay Mohr as Dallas' husband.

It's your turn! Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on over to the comments to tell us why you loved (or loathed) Suburgatory.

Save It or Sink It, Sept. 28
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