Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Freddie Baez/

Dear Ted:
I just can't get enough of Justifer— that's Jennifer Aniston and her hottie guy Justin Theroux! They are so cute together and seem to be making each other even hotter than ever. There have been so many pregnancy rumors about them and Jennifer has even looked a little early-days preggers of late. I'm dying to see the gorgeous and talented offspring these two would produce!

Dear Pregnant Pause:
While the twosome is getting tres serious tres fast (they're already shacking up after being together for practically no time at all), I don't think they're ready to start a family just yet. They're still in the fun stage of their relaysh and neither wants to be too tied down, which a baby tends to do.

Dear Ted:
Has production wrapped on The Hunger Games? Are the cast still Vice-free? Can't wait for March!

Dear Game Over:
Yes and yes, doll. Here's hoping the press tour (and, ya know, movie) prove juicier than filming.

Dear Ted:
While I'm not a huge fan of Lea Michele, I think she is very talented. That being said, I thought Idina Menzel totally blew her out of the water in the most recent episode of Glee. Does anyone tell Lea she makes awful faces when she sings or emotes? She could learn a lot from Idina who looked beautiful while she was singing. Luv to your pups!

Dear Chip Off the Old Diva:
You don't tell Lea anything, J. Not if you want to keep your job, that is. But she's hardly the only one who could work on mugging a little less when belting out tunes (hello Chris Colfer)—don't think that'll change anytime soon tho'.

Dear Ted:
Saw the pics of Alec Baldwin wearing that black band on his ring finger. Could Alec be Grey Goose? If I'm way off base do you at least know what that ring was all about?

Dear All the Single Fellahs:
Grey is actually less of a silver fox than Alec, despite the nomenclature. Not a bad guess though, babe. As for the ring, well, Alec has been muy secretive of its meaning—but don't be fooled, he wants you to ask about it.

Dear Ted:
Where in the world is Zac Efron?
—V Hudge

Dear Zac Attack:
Getting his cougar on. Well, on screen. In real life, Zac's love life is far messier.

Dear Ted:
I am not normally one to complain about what you write. You write what you want, it's your column after all. However, today I can't sit silent about your Michael Vick article. While what he did was horrible and awful and breaks my animal-loving heart, allowing hatred and celebrating violence doesn't make anyone better than what Vick did. Advocating violence doesn't help bring to light what those poor dogs went through. It just creates an atmosphere of hatred.

Dear Missing the Point:
Babe, I didn't say I was happy that he was hurt (which, BTW, was just a bruised hand), just that he throws a stink for getting a little roughed up but had no problem putting poor animals in danger for fun.

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