Emily VanCamp, Revenge


Emily Thorne is kind of crazy and we like it.

It's no secret that we think Revenge is one of the most delicious and surprising new shows this fall. So what is the slightly unhinged yet completely awesome Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) up to next? Diabolical schemes to take down some of the Hamptons' top dogs, of course. Add tragedy, romance, shifting alliances and you get a whole lot of dramz.

So who is next on Emily's hit list? Who is dying? And how long will it take to get to that little Labor Day party that we've glimpsed? We went to the cast and showrunner of Revenge for all those answers. Find out now:

A Death in the Family: What's coming up for Emily's sweet childhood love Jack? Unfortunately nothing good. Nick Wechsler dishes: "He's got some heavy responsibility that he has to take on. Some tragedy happens and he's got to step up." Tragedy and he has to take over the responsibilities? It doesn't take a shady hedge fund manager to figure out what that ominous tip adds up to.  Dun dun dun.

This Party Is Dead: We have a TV watching habit where we latch onto the most handsome and charming character and never want to let go, so when Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) keeled over in the pilot, our hopes for our latest TV crush were dashed. But hold off on the black veil. Bowman tells us: "All is not what it seems." Does that mean there is a possibility of a crypt keeper's reprieve? Maybe not. Executive producer Mike Kelley says: "We have a lot of revenge installments. The first chapter [of 13 episodes] is Memorial Day to Labor Day where there is the murder on the beach. The next installment is going to be the trial. There are lots of surprises ahead." So maybe there is still hope for hottie fiancé Daniel after all? Leave us alone in our denial.

Forgive Me Not: We know Emily Thorne is hell-bent on revenge, but will it ever be time to move on? Or is that eight seasons down the road? Kelley says: "When she starts actually making the plan work, taking it off the blueprints and into the real world she find she needs more in her life. She's got this sociopath streak going but the fun is it's a battle for this girl's soul. She's been so damaged so all she has is revenge at this point. As it says in the beginning: the only way out of revenge is to forgive. She keeps saying this is not a story about forgiveness, but I think she protests too much." There you have it. Blinders on for revenge, but hope for future after everyone is taken down.

Flashback Throwback: Do you like flashbacks? We aren't necessarily talking about VanCamp donning a black wig again, but expect more trips down memory lane. Kelley tells us: "We are telling full back stories, so you'll learn how Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) fell in love with Emily's father, you'll learn what happened to the little girl, when her father was taken away, and [she was] put into foster care. And how she made it into juvie. And what the damage did to her." In that case, there is a good chance we'll see the black wig again.

Are you loving this sudsy drama as much as we are? We honestly can't get enough of Emily VanCamp playing the crazy girl next door. Tune into the guiltiest pleasure on ABC tonight at 10 p.m.

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