Sure, we already caught a glimpse of New Year's Eve earlier this summer, but this movie has enough superstar cast members and intertwining storylines to keep the teases coming through the end of the year.

Hence today's new trailer, which shows off both more—Jessica Biel and Seth Meyers battle it out with another couple to deliver the first baby of the year—and more than we bargained for—Abigail Breslin channeling Girls Gone Wild in front of Sarah Jessica Parker? Uh, OK.

Needless to say, there truly is something for everyone in this flick. Especially the part where Katherine Heigl bitch-slaps Jon Bon Jovi, because really, who can't watch that on repeat?

Our only problem with this trailer: not enough Ryan Seacrest! Way to, um, drop the ball.

Valentine's Day 2 New Year's Eve is out Dec. 9.

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