Camila Grey, Leisha Hailey

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By now, we're sure you have heard (or seen the tweets) regarding Leisha Hailey's boot from her Southwest Airlines' flight for kissing her girlfriend, Camila Grey

And color us not surprised that this whole "news" story has generated tons of publicity, as Southwest entirely denies it has anything to do with the gals being gay, while Hailey and GF counter, it has everything to do with it (well, duh). 

So Southwest has spoken and Hailey has spoken—what say you, Awful Readers?

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While we do understand Southwest is a "family airline" (but, last time we checked, gays could have families, too), we have to wonder whether the same sitch would have gone down had Hailey been macking a dude?


And according to Hailey's most recent statements, the whole thing was "one, modest kiss" not some kinda of Playboy-esque make-out sesh meant to rile up the passengers. 

The airline insists they approached the gals based "soley on behavior and not gender," but if this is true, then why is one tiny peck getting everyone all fired up? And if the women were approached from a completely unbiased standpoint, then why did Hailey and her girlfriend get so angry?

Oh, and the latest explantion of profanity being the reason they were kicked off? Seems like a poor attempt to steer our attention away from the real reason. 

As for who is right or what actually happened, we may find out soon. Hailey insists she has plenty of Southwest's actions recorded and is in the process of filing a formal complaint with the airline. 

Until then, you decide:

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