Neil Bogart, Justin Timberlake

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Looks like somebody is trying to get back 'n sync. 

And, of course, we're talking about dubious romance dude Justin Timberlake, who has been all over the tabloids for his alleged sexting, flourishing movie career, and oh yeah, that slightly awkward relaysh with Jessica Biel.

But while Justin may have "cried us a river" just a few weeks ago, it seems the actor has no plans to bring the sexy back anytime soon. His sci-fi flick In Time hits theaters in November, and he's just been cast in a new biopic as '70s record producer and Casablanca Records cofounder Neil Bogart

So what gives? And if Justin is serious about returning to his musical roots, why did he choose the role as N.B.?

Because, apparently, Justin was perfect for the part. Or so Tim Bogart, Neil's son and the film's writer, gushes to MTV:

"When Justin walked into the room, that was the moment I had been waiting for 29 years. He has the exact same energy as my father, the same glimmer in his eye."

As for the timing? Justin tells MTV his plan would have been to do another record but too many movie opportunities have come up:

"I joke with my friends that I should have a business card saying, 'David Fincher put me in a movie,' because Bad Teacher got a blessing due to The Social Network, and then Friends With Benefits came out of that."

So what gives, Justin? Do we sense you smelling an Oscar as you take a music hiatus? Or are you concerned with too many projects while your relaysh with J.B. is on the mend?

And if big-time acting creds are your heart's desire, then we have to ask why you chose to play Neil Bogart, instead of say, Elton John in the biopic about his life?

You know the way to any critics heart is through a little guy-on-guy action. Just ask Sean Penn, William Hurt, and Tom Hanks. And bedsides, we think you would make a spectacular Mr. John, even better than current frontrunner, James McAvoy.

So Justin, we say put away that devilish charm every lady loves and give us a little gay!


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