Only one thing could upstage Jennifer Aniston at a movie premiere: a topless red carpet crasher.

Last night at a screening of Five—an anthology of five short films about breast cancer on Lifetime, one of which the actress directed—a woman armed with a camera and a drawn-on mustache showed up and stood near the carpet wearing pink pants and no top, her chest on full display.

So how did everyone react?

Being New York, no one bothered the topless woman as she angled to get shots of Jen, who also didn't appear to be fazed by any of it. 

So what did the movie's stars have to say about Jen's directing? 

Director and screenwriter Penelope Spheeris told E! News, "The kind of work [Jen] does is phenomenal—it's for a good cause. She's just got that thing, she's like the sweetheart of the country."

While she spoke, Jen's man Justin Theroux (in head-to-toe black, of course) slipped into the Skylight SoHo with photographer Terry Richardson to catch the screening.

"They're lovey-dovey," Penelope dished about the new couple. "He was there for some of [the filming]. I'm so happy she's happy—the whole country's happy she's happy."

Jeanne Tripplehorn, who stars in the movie, told us Jen was "an enhanced, stronger version of herself" and had great skills behind the lens. Then she noticed the topless woman and busted up laughing.

Meanwhile, Patricia Clarkson said Jen's directorial style was "very calm."

"She is born to be a director, she has a beautiful eye. I've worked with a little someone called Martin Scorcese, a little someone called Woody Allen, and let me tell you Jen holds her own," Clarkson said, before commenting on the topless woman. "I saw her walk up. I think it's kind of great, she has great breasts."

The director herself finally arrived to much chaos and flashbulbs.Jen told us she absolutely loved directing and that it was just her second time doing so.

"There's not one thing I didn't love about it. It was fun and easy," she said. "We really didn't have the luxury of get it done was so amazing. A big goal was telling the stories in a unique, informative, entertaining and humorous way, because life has humor."

And when asked what she loves about her life right now, the actress smiled and told us: "Everything."

The topless lady, who told E! she goes by Harvey, stood on the corner of Hudson and Varick snapping away with her camera, and told us she wasn't trying to make a statement about breast cancer.

"No, I do this all the time," she told E! News. "The cops see me and they just leave me alone. It's legal."

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