Minka Kelly


Dear Ted:
Critics agree Minka Kelly's acting in Charlie's Angels is abyssmal. So did she get the gig by encouraging a few "ass slaps" on her road to TV series headliner? Was she really a nurse or just some kind of glorified assistant?

Dear Wow:
A show that's clearly meant to be just a chick-filled homage to all the other pretty chick-filled versions of Angels (the original of which, mind you, was never heralded for its acting achievements) and you're aiming a sexist, snob-harpoon straight at poor Minka? We think she does fine at the job for which she was hired. She also does an even better job off-camera with those reported bitch-slap stories! Also, I don't believe Minka's claims that she was a surgical nurse at one time have been uncovered, as yet, as a sinister lie. Perhaps that detective work's going to have to be yours, dog. Good luck.

Dear Ted:
Forget Lea Michele and Cory Monteith or Lea Michele and Darren Criss getting together, now that she's single... What about Lea and Dianna Agron Or do the ladies not swing towards the same sex?

Dear Good One:
Love the way you think, N, but, unfortunately, I don't believe Lea and Dianna have similar thoughts (at least, not publicly). Both ladies love to get it on with the guys. And as right-on as both gals have been regarding gay rights—Dianna, in particular—I think this gal-on-gal get-together will have to come about as a Glee dream, or something.

Dear Ted:
Tell me, is the delish Jon Hamm one of your famous Vicers?

Dear Dammit:
No. Now, this doesn't mean yummy Jon hasn't been the subject of some major juicy gossip, but, unfortunately it's mostly the result of some of Jon's colleagues being so frustrated he doesn't give them enough to talk about in real life. Get it?

Dear Ted:
I have been hearing a lot of talk about the apparent "uglying up" of such a beautiful actress for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I honestly love the look. I think she looks beautiful in the most unconventional way and Hollywood needs so much more of that. Not everyone aspires to be cookie-cutter pretty and seeing badass babes on the big screen shows those women that they can be hardcore, balls-out, ass-kicking babes without having to skank it up to appeal to men.

Dear Mostly Agree:
Was with you right up until "balls-out." Come again? What's the matter with "ovaries-out"?

Dear Ted:
How can you say everything is fine with "Robsten" when Kristen has never admitted in any way that they are together as anything but friends? A picture on an iPod? If I were Rob, I would hate my S.O. not admitting dating me. Neil Patrick Harris just had a great article in EW about his public, personnal and private life. Your public life is out there and your personal one is, too (becuase of your public one—sorry—you are in showbiz), but your private life stays private. Whether you are dating someone is just personal and it should be no big deal to admit it. While some say Summit is involved with this "are they or aren't they," KS has not said she "is." So how can anyone be truly certain without confirmation? That's what has some people in a frenzy, as this is a rational argument. Thoughts? And not that "they will do what they will do and that's who they are" stuff. If they truly are then "own it."

Dear Pushy:
Love it when you (fellow) Robsten types write in and tell me what I can and cannot respond to in kind. Uh, did I tell you what to write? No. Works both ways, A. And, of course, Rob and Kris will do exactly as they please—as I wish more Hollywood couples would. And, no, I don't think Rob is fretting in the least that Kristen isn't confirming their relationship either way, he's relieved, rather. He's a guy, remember.

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