A house full of divas model all-stars has got to mean one thing, right?


This recycle of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks is all about teaching the girls how to brand themselves into a celebrity that their fan base will continue to support.

That being said, we still get one of our fave parts of ANTM: makeovers!

Branding: Tyra invited the "King of Branding" Martin Lindstrom over to the house to reveal what one word fans use to define each girl, which will ultimately decide their brand, which they must carry with them throughout the competition. Some were obvious like Bianca getting "candid" because of her out-there personality or Lisa with "daring" since she breaks the rules. Others were kind of iffy, like Sheena getting "unexpected" or Kayla being labeled as "free" (because "lesbian" was so five years ago).

Dramz Fo' Yo Mamz: After the ladies got their labels, Bianca overheard some of the other girls talking about her candid-ness, which got her blood boiling. When all the models got together, the fierce competitor "to be reckoned with" asked about the comments made behind her back, in which everyone acted like they didn't know what she was talking about. So what does one do? Request caution tape around their beds because Bianca was about to "go off."

"Ty-Overs": Yay, makeovers! (So, that's why all the girls had headwraps on during their interviews. Sneaky). As you would've guessed, someone cried about getting their hair chopped off, but this time two people did! After Miss Jay Alexander and guest judge Ashlee Simpson announced the makeovers, the gals were off to get their teeth whitened and skin rejuvenated. However, while Alexandria cried because she was "so happy" with her short hair, Bre cried because she felt like all her confidence was gone with her nearly shaven cut.

In the Pink: The first challenge required each contestant to formulate their own recipe for the famous Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood, with a corresponding photo shoot. The winner gets her photo featured at the well-known snack shack for the America's Next Top Model dog (which we're guessing is half of a low-fat weiner dog on a wheat bun?).

Elimination: When it came down to the nitty-gritty, the bottom two were Sheena and Kayla. In a not so "unexpected" move, Sheena was sent packin'.

Coming Up: The girls test their interview skills as they get some one-on-one time with Extra correspondent Mario Lopez. They'll also be testing their circus skills, posing on stilts for their next photo shoot. Exciting!

What do you guys think? Did Sheena deserve to go home? Sound off in the comments.

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