Preach it, brother!

It's only episode two of Survivor: South Pacific, and some contestants are already praying together, Redemption Island style.

But what happens when one man of God betrays another?

Tonight's episode began with a whimper—namely, spoken word artist Semhar speaking her word on Redemption Island: "I have abandonment issues," she cries. "I don't understand how people can be so coldhearted." No1Curr. Moving on...

At Savaii, Cochran opens the second, "mellow" act of his comedy show, titled "The New Era of Cochran." He's lovable and funny in person, but we'd much rather watch game players than this "antsy paranoid nerd kid" whose comedy stylings don't hold a candle to Survivor: Amazon's Rob Cesternino.

It remains to be seen whether Cochran really can "shine" on puzzle challenges as Keith believes, but our money's on the 3+2 alliance of Keith, Ozzy and Jim plus Elyse and Whitney. Like Upolu's own alliance of five, the group has a couple of smart players and a physical powerhouse, with some bonus pretties to give them an edge in the next pageant challenge.

Hot (emphasis on hot) damn! Ozzy found the Hidden Immunity Idol on his first foray, apparently on Talk Like a Pirate Day. As long as no one pulls a Parvati on him (the Micronesia champ famously engineered his ouster after he got cocky and left his Immunity Idol back at camp), his "temporary" status has been upgraded.

Parvati, Parvati, Parvati. The Survivor siren is not even competing and she's still playing mind games with the contestants. Her betrayal of Russell Hantz on Heroes vs. Villains seems to have messed with his whole family—Brandon in particular, who is now fixated on beautiful tribemate Mikayla's "seductive ways." Whatever demons are torturing this kid, we hope he manages to keep them on lockdown longer than his true identity.

Oops. After vowing he'd never reveal his Hantz tattoos during the game, Brandon shared his secret with Coach, who calls Uncle Russell his "No. 1 nemesis." Fortunately, Brandon and Coach are both men of God. Unfortunately, young Brandon's Christian charity doesn't extend as far as Coach's, and in his attempts to get rid of the temptress torturing his soul, he lied to Coach's face about Mikayla.  

After losing the Immunity and Reward Challenge in a surprise upset, Upolu has to vote someone out at Tribal Council. To Coach and most of his alliance, the choice is obvious: Christine. She called Coach and Ozzy "temporary" players, and she's too aggressive for her own good. Nor is she an evil temptress threatening Brandon's relationship with his family, God and sanity.

But Brandon's machinations to vote out Mikayla backfire at the lively Tribal Council, and the l'il man of God eventually confesses his crimes to the duped-again Coach. In the end, Mikayla didn't receive a single vote. Instead, Christine was sent to Redemption Island with the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket.

Has Brandon destroyed any chance at redemption for the Hantz family name? Just how safe is Ozzy now that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol? And how long before Christine tells Semhar and her spoken words to shut up?

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