Emily VanCamp, Revenge

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"This is not a story about forgiveness. It is a story about being ABC's best new drama."

OK, so maybe that last part wasn't actually said, but it is the truth. One our fall favorites, Revenge, finally premiered and we're dying to know what you thought of the pilot. Unless you didn't like it, then you can just keep your opinion to yourself. Just kidding!

So was Emily VanCamp's Revenge ever so sweet for you, too?

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Revenge, which is a modern reimagining of The Count of Monte Cristo set in the Hamptons, is definitely our new favorite guilty pleasure, minus the guilty part. It's smart, sexy, soapy and seductive. (Alliteration FTW!)

A captivating VanCamp walks the line between determined and batsh-t crazy as Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke), a young woman out for, yes, revenge against the people who betrayed her father and destroyed her childhood. And she means business. It takes two to tango and Emily has the perfect dancing partner in Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), the Hamptons version of Regina George and Emily's ultimate target. 

We also love the show because it introduces us to two of our new TV crushes: Josh Bowman as Daniel, Victoria's charming son and Emily's conquest; and Nick Wechsler as Jack, Emily's childhood sweetheart who is basically going to reinvent the definition of the word swoon. (He took care of her dog all these years and named his boat after her! Swoon away!) And seeing a whole new (rugged) side to Gossip Girl's Connor Paolo (We'll miss you, Eric van der Woodsen) was just icing on the cake. 

Now that you've heard from us, we want to hear from you. Vote in the latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on down to the comments to tell us why you loved (or hated) Revenge.

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