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It's never too early to start the Oscar watch, right?

And since some flicks with particularly divine chicks have hit the big screen lately, we thought we'd honor them by stacking them against each other in a race for a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

So who's already caught our Academy eye?

The Shoo In: Viola Davis for The Help: We already know The Help is going to be way talked about come award season, but we think it's Davis, as the very grounded, tough-as-nails Aibileen Clark in the otherwise sappy flick, who deserves to get an acting recognition.

Tho we really wouldn't be too upset if Jessica Chastain beat her to the punch; she may have stolen just enough scenes to steal the whole show (and nom). Emma Stone on the other hand should not be nommed.

Team Truth loves Ms. Stone and thought her acting chops were on par, but the movie made it look like she created the friggin' Civil Rights movement. We'd rather see her get nominated for ogling Ryan Gosling's abs in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The Contender: Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids: The TV-turned-big-screen funnylady already nabbed an Emmy for her comedy this year, so why not an Oscar too?

With a  cast full of some of the more hilarious broads in H'wood—Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Wendi McLendon-Covey—it was McCarthy's kooky Megan with her puking, farting and puppy hoarding that everyone was talking about afterward.

Maybe Melissa can channel Robert Downey Jr. and Bridesmaids can be this year's Tropic Thunder, no?

The Long Shot: Gwyneth Paltrow for Contagion: And when we say long shot, we mean long shot. But how could we not love the GOOP star's stint in the flick? Spoiler alert! She dies in the first five friggin' minutes, and it's one of the best death scenes, like, ever. There's some faintin', some seizing and then they cut open her head!

If seeing Gwynnie's corpse get chopped up while her tongue lolls around isn't award worthy, then we don't want to part of this hoity toity nonsense. Heck, we say this was her true Oscar-winning performance, not Shakespeare in Love.

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