Lady Gaga, James Franco

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Dear Ted:
Is there any truth to the rumor of Lady Gaga and James Franco hooking up?

Dear Odd-Couple Hookup:
Hooking up? Highly unlikely, but wouldn't put it past these two. Franco's odd demeanor and Gaga's weirdo vibe might make the perfect match! Then again, if they did hook up, they would hardly go the traditional route. 

Dear Ted:
I saw some pictures of Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, and I have to say they are adorable and they seem to be very solid and couldn't care less about the harsh statement made by her ex-husband. Should we expect some good news soon, like a wedding or baby?

Dear Get a Baby On Board, Jen:
Well, marriage and a baby are supposedly what Jen wants, and Justin seems ever-so-content to hang out by her side. From what we hear, Justin supporting Jen when her mom was in the hospital last week was a big step for the couple. Wouldn't be surprised if they took another leap forward in their relaysh sometime soon. 

Dear Ted:
On Thursday, Alexander Skarsgard was photographed carrying the book The Good Soldiers. The next Wednesday, Kate Bosworth was on TV saying that she just finished reading The Good Soldiers. These two are sharing books? This makes me wonder, how broken up are they? I know it's possible to stay friends with an ex, but usually only after a long break away from each other, which they haven't had. Considering that their past together is supposedly on-again, off-again, do you they're broken up for good this time around?

Dear Skars-Bos Reunion:
We can only hope that these two are dunzo for good, as they were très boring as a couple. While they aren't on again right now, Kate and Skars did just release a movie together, so it's no surprise they are casually talking. But discussing literature hardly means they are giving it another go, and let's hope they keep it that way. 

 Dear Ted:
Is all the Sarah Hyland vs. Lea Michele drama an overblown Gleek reaction, or can our favorite diva really not take a little good-natured teasing?

Dear Battle of the Brunettes:
Overblown Gleek reaction? Absolutely. But trust, our fave diva does not like to be dissed. Don't expect any comebacks from L.M. though—girl has bigger things to worry about right now, like her breakup with her now ex-boy toy, Theo Stockman.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Ed Westwick's Blind Vice pertains to his sexuality. He just oozes sex appeal. Am I on the mark?

Dear Bingo:
Or bango, if you prefer.

Dear Ted:
Is Zoë Kravitz still with Michael Fassbender, or did she really move on to Penn Badgley? I've seen conflicting reports floating online.

Dear Two Is Better Than One:
Zoe has been tied to both dudes recently, so it's tough to say if she is serious about one. Our take? Girl is only 23; she is having fun playing the oh-so-hot Hollywood field. We say let her get her flirt on. 

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