Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1

Andrew Cooper, Summit Entertainment

It's the honeymoon heard round the world.

As we're sure all you Robsten fanatics (and non Twilight fans too, we're sure) know by now, Robert Pattinson's vamptastic Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan are finally tying the knot in the soon-to-be-released Breaking Dawn. And what comes after the wedding? The (hopefully) très sexy wedding night, of course!

So just how much heavy petting should we expect? The movie rating is in and it's...

PG-13, duh.

Did you really expect the franchise to suddenly grow some glittery balls and nab that naughty R-rating?

Nope, the film will pander toward the preteens, as did the past three films.

Doesn't someone over at Summit know that most of the die-hard Twilight fans coughing up box office bucks are of the maternal variety? We think an extended hump-happy version of the film is in order!

So what landed the film in the PG-13 spectrum? According to the MPAA: "disturbing images, violence, sexuality/partial nudity and some thematic elements."

Forget the gross demon baby eating its way out of the womb; we're far more interested in that partial nudity biz. Just how partial are we talking?

We're sure we'll get some ab shots of Pattinson (and Taylor Lautner too, right?), but maybe Bill Condon snuck in a quick look at his tush also?

We can dream, right?

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