They're back and ready to shed!

Season 12 of the hit reality series The Biggest Loser premiered tonight, and after seeing some seriously emotional introductions, we met 15 new contestants who were ready to fight to make it past the sweat and tears with their trainers of the first week.

Arriving in the middle of nowhere (literally, the contestants were dropped off near Death Valley, Calif.), the new group of losers were ready to face the music.

Battle of the Ages: There's a new twist this season. The competitors were separated by age into three teams. The Red Team is the younger participants, the Black Team is the middle and the Blue team is the elders.

Who's This? Of course, the famous Bob Harper was back to train his new team of hopefuls, and joining him were newbie trainers Anna Kournikova (distraction much?) and celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince. The contestants' first challenge helped them choose their trainer of choice, which was a one-mile jog (holding onto a pole with their team) to the finish line where the three were waiting to be picked. Bob, the popular choice by all, was picked up first by the middle team, Anna by the older team and Dolvett by the younger team.

Surprise! A new rule has been enforced this season. The desert which kicked off the premiere, will be the same location in the final challenge, where every single contestant (regardless of eliminations) will come back and compete in a marathon, yes, 26.2 miles, for their chance of automatically being a finalist.

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Sure, everyone was pumped and excited to start this journey, but once they got to the Biggest Loser Ranch, which was remodeled for this season, the trainers started actually doing their job and that frightened some people, especially when it came to the newbie trainers who looked so nice and sweet in the beginning. There were a lot of groans and tears, but the "relentless" coaches didn't take any lip and pushed each person to their limit.

Tragedy Strikes: One of the older team members, Becky, received an unfortunate phone call from her husband in the middle of the night, informing her that her father had passed away from congestive heart failure. To find peace, Becky went to the gym and worked out before leaving for a couple days. When she returned, the determination was so evident on her face that her trainer, Anna, started crying.

Goodbye: After the first weigh-in, the Blue Team (aka the older team) had to choose someone to go home. Johnny, a grandfather of nine, was safe as the Biggest Loser of their group. It came neck and neck between Debbie and Bonnie, but in the end, Deb was sent packin' as the first to go home.

What'd you guys think of the premiere? Does it seem like an exciting season? Let us know in the comments!

WATCH: Becky's new motivation

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